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Baidu "Prince" Li Mingyuan or involving criminal crime, the law should not ignore the original title: Baidu "Prince" Li Mingyuan suspected of embezzlement and bribery of non national staff "Author: Zhu Dazhi: public knowledge and Prejudice Baidu’s youngest vice president Li Ming alleged favoritism to resign by the company after the discovery, the initiative. The resignation is Baidu and Lee agreed arrangements; but on the legal system of the state, the event processing and can not easily stop here. 4 evening, there is news that Baidu’s youngest vice president Li Mingyuan alleged favoritism, resigned after the company found to be active. Titanium media to verify aspects of Baidu, which confirmed the authenticity of this message. Entitled "Baidu occupation ethics committee [] informed" Baidu internal e-mail said, Li Mingyuan is involved in a company acquisition project, and is responsible for the acquired company have huge private economic exchanges have been reported; and in the management of the business scope, there are huge private economic exchanges with the head of a game partner the. Li Mingyuan said there are other violations of the message, which has violated the behavior of Baidu to avoid conflicts of interest system and other professional ethics rules and regulations. The internal report said finally, Li Mingyuan has taken the initiative to admit, and has taken the initiative to Baidu offered to resign, the company decided to be approved, with immediate effect. Titanium media reported that fast two years ago, Baidu frequent high-profile appearance, called Baidu "Prince" Li Mingyuan, this year has almost disappeared in public. Again by the public debate, but a resigned because of corruption and internal notification. This shows that Li Mingyuan was reported to accept the internal investigation of Baidu Inc, has time. In the meantime, Baidu and Li Mingyuan have enough time to communicate the game. Today, this outcome must be the result of repeated negotiations between the two sides should belong to the interests of both sides to maximize the benefits (or minimize the loss) of the internal arrangements. It should be said that standing on both sides of their position, this is understandable. However, things are not so simple. Li Mingyuan said on the surface only damage the interests of the Baidu Inc, in fact it also violates the duty state of the company, enterprises and non state-owned institutions and other organizations of the staff management system (laws and regulations). And this kind of violation objectively leads to the corruption of the management of social organizations, such as companies and enterprises, which is harmful to their fundamental interests, but also to the normal market competition. Therefore, the current criminal law on non state staff of the crime committed to do a clear provision, at least for them to provide two charges: official embezzlement, non state staff bribery. First look at the elements of the crime of embezzlement. The subject of the crime is the company, enterprise or other units of staff, such as Limited by Share Ltd, limited liability company directors, supervisors, managers, etc.. The object of the crime is the ownership of the property of the company, enterprise or other unit, that is to say, the object of the violation is the property of the company, enterprise or other unit. The charges in the objective.相关的主题文章: