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Business A maze of pipes runs through most of the industrial installations and one thing common in all these is – Valves, the critical part of any industrial equipment used to transport fluids. Valves hold supreme position in industries like, refineries, mining, chemical, natural gas, hydropower, waste recycling to name a few. Keeping in view various industrial requirements, different type of valve designs exist. Valves Products are preferred choice for the equipment where there is need of completely closing the flow of fluid or releasing it. Ball valves are found aplenty in industrial operations because they can endure immense pressures and temperatures and are fit to be used in rugged industrial environments. While selecting valves for industrial operations some of the points that must be kept in mind are: the industry, the condition of operation, and the type of material that the pipes will be carrying. Chemical Industry and Offshore exploration are two industries where operations are usually carried out in very extreme conditions, both climatically and operationally. These are high risk industries where even a small malfunction in a valve can lead to extensive damage to both the industry and environment. Therefore valves used here must be able to function efficiently with minimal maintenance. Though valves a designed to serve a common function across all industries but for each industry type the material used for manufacturing the valve is different. Operational strength, resistance against rust and low maintenance are some of the factors that play a key role in deciding valves made of which particular material will hold good. For example there are valves made of cast iron, steel, or other alloys and each of them has a particular quotient of tensile strength and thus valves made out of these materials are suitable only for particular use. Pan Gulf Products supplies various designs of Ball valves corresponding to API 602, API 600 and API 6D to the oil, gas and offshore exploration industries where valves are required to transport materials from sub-sea sites. Besides this we also provide valves to be used in sprinkler systems for fire protection, the current product being marketed by us in this category is ball valve 1610 manufactured by Tyco. In all, Pan Gulf Products supplies Ball valves in twenty three grades. For example: A351. Gr. CF8. The Ball valves manufactured in this grade are weather resistant and can handle high temperature fluids because of their high melting point. Thus they are fit to be used in industries like chemical, pulp and paper, rubber. Similarly, the valves made in Duplex SS grade can withstand extreme impacts. The Duplex SS have characteristics of both austenitic- the non magnetic allotrope also called gamma iron which has high ductility and is stable above 1390 degree centigrade and ferrite- the magnetic iron. The percentage of these two elements can be varied to attain desired Duplex SS grade valve. Thus, there are many choices and Pan Gulf Products offers a vast catalogue of valves from where you can choose the ones suitable to your industry based on material, manufacturer, grade, API standard and size. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: