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"Batten’s dream" tailor – Sohu introduction: the pursuit of each child life will have a dream, even if it is only a little puppy. This wonderful little story was written by the Canadian writer Elena in the form of a picture book. The dog she created the image of Batten, so good to hear or see. Children like him, and adults like him. "Batten" became a symbol, also formed a series. In a pleasant reading, Batten’s dedication and enthusiasm are oblivious to our dreams come into. Although his dream is not great, perhaps just an impulse, but he insisted on, and so on, so the success of this revelation is that we will benefit from life. Mr. Albert sat in his pet shop counter reads a newspaper, I saw Miss Madelyn round the corner of the street and hurried to her fashion shop, ribbon floating down from Miss Madelyn’s coat, color buttons from her pocket jumped out. She didn’t seem to notice Batten sitting at the window as usual. Miss Madelyn Batten wished to adopt their own ah, but whether it shows how lovely, how the worship of miss Madelyn’s appearance, also no matter how enthusiastically wagged his tail, did not cause the attention of miss Madelyn. Mr Albert had never seen a dog perform so hard. One night, Mr. Albert closed the shop and went home. The shop was quiet, and the light of a beam of light shone through the window. All the little pets were asleep, and Batten could not sleep at all. He was thinking, "why didn’t miss Madelyn notice me?" At this time, he suddenly found that the cage door is not closed. Batten jumped to the ground, with his tail a little late, a beam of light from the hole in the wall as he leaned over the hole, see Miss Madelyn is light hard on a sewing machine. She carefully put together a needle, ribbon trim, and give a beautiful pleated cloth. The pieces of cloth were flying everywhere. Batten had never seen such a beautiful picture! Miss Madelyn finished her work, got up, put on her hat, put on her gloves, locked the door and went out. One day, I’ll be a seamstress, just like miss Madelyn. Batten thought. Batten scraped through the hole in the wall, into miss Madelyn’s shop. He saw the rags, blanket and feathers scattered on the floor, rolls with a tiger and zebra pattern cloth from the corner piled up to the ceiling. Sewing bench next to a wooden box filled with a rainbow riotous with colour. Batten noticed that he knew how to get miss Madelyn’s attention! He began to dry up. All night long, he was hard to cut, ah, ah, ah…… He pressed the seam of the cloth with a ribbon and nailed the button until it was light. And with the last wonderful ornament, a couple of whiskers, everything is done. He looked at himself in the mirror相关的主题文章: