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Because of it, so many pregnant women and children can only look at the good! Sohu health today we want to talk about the topic is: raw eggs. This egg is delicious food, simply by the people of all countries in the world of love, but not the egg will spread such as Salmonella and other diseases. However, the biggest problem is that many people unknowingly eat raw eggs into the stomach! So, today, the doctor is to be popular with everyone, is a common food containing raw eggs – these foods, remember to allow pregnant women and children to avoid eating. What, is it more practical than "don’t eat raw eggs"? What foods hide raw eggs? The most adorable mom food, according to the online prescription made before, but in common occasion, again ask some dessert, investigates the present situation of the production on the market. 1 egg Guangdong and Hong Kong style tea restaurant provides "love nest egg" series, what beef congee with egg, egg baozaifan and so on, are good directly in other staple food, eat directly into the raw egg and mix well. If you add a little soy sauce, sprinkle a little chopped green onion, egg brings, it is unforgettable wonderful taste; but! Domestic eggs are not suitable for pregnant women and young children to eat. 2 kinds of rare egg we pick key said, these very obviously the rare egg, also has 3 risks: first is mayonnaise salad sauce. Familiar with Western readers should know that mayonnaise is the practice of olive oil, vinegar and raw egg yolk, made by high-speed mixing. The second is the so-called mayonnaise. This salad dressing is the olive oil, vinegar, sugar and raw eggs, high-speed mixing. In addition, the vast majority of salad sauce is with raw egg yolk (egg) and olive oil as the base material, adding different additives produced. Therefore, it is not recommended for pregnant women and young children to eat salad dressing; especially these salad dressing, there are hydrogenated vegetable oil, too much salt and sugar, etc.. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend that pregnant women and young children to eat a variety of vegetable salad…… After all, these raw vegetables may have eggs or parasites. 4 homemade ice cream a few years ago, the practice of homemade ice cream are egg yolk and milk mixed after cooking viscous liquid small egg flower shape, and then into the freezer, but the drawback is basically every half hour need to stir out time…… So, the wisdom of the working people invented the so-called "practice" Haagen Dazs ice cream flavor. The production of ice cream, and the egg yolk protein is separated from each other and then sent mixed material and the advantages of egg flavor is very rich, but not many times from the refrigerator is stirring. From the taste, this homemade ice cream can be comparable to Haagen Dazs, especially after joining the jam; however, because the whole process may not be enough to kill the egg in bacteria and parasites, therefore, is not recommended for pregnant women and young children to eat. 5 Tiramisu Tiramisu y相关的主题文章: