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Beijing – -2016 video is called "Hong Kong Gangjie champion wanted to host the diet program 2016 campus Belle" is called "Hong Kong Gangjie champion campus Belle wanted to host the diet program" [comment] 2016 miss Hongkong and Mr. Hongkong contest finals in September 11th ended, Feng Yingying with excellent performance won the miss Hongkong title, runner up and second runner up by Liu Yingxuan and Chen Yasi to win. But Mr Li Zhenye won by the Hongkong champion, runner up and second runner up are Ding Zilang and Zhong Junyang. In September 12th, many beauty and handsome together to meet the media. This year 22 year old Feng Ying looks sweet, graduated from University of Hong Kong. Since Gangjie began selecting game, Feng Yingying quickly became popular, and was friends affectionately known as "Hong Kong Campus belle". And she said she did not think of themselves as "school", there is no particular strengths and advantages, she was very successful for the election was very surprised, she said he came all the way by virtue of courage and perseverance. [period] 2016 miss Hongkong champion Feng Yingying I feel are not particularly some better than others, especially some of the advantages or advantages, but in fact I was with my own perseverance, and courage and dare to dream, is a step by step to do so, I hope I can be better than yesterday today for example I so, step by step to the present, is elected to miss Hongkong, it actually makes me very touched have never thought. [comment] on the future development plan, Feng Yingying said to be eating presenters, because of their own learning is food and nutritional science, so we hope to combine the professional advantages, to the audience to create a program is both interesting and rich in information. [period] 2016 miss Hongkong winner Feng Yingying I know there will be lots of chances or opportunities and so on, then I actually develop all kinds of good welcome, but if you want to select it, I want to play a good diet program conducted, because first of all when I was young I love, and I read the professional subject is food and nutrition, so I hope both look can have an interesting and informative show to everyone. [interpretation] it is understood that miss Hongkong campaign was held in 1946 for the first time, held once a year, the election is the purpose of beauty and wisdom". But Mr. Hongkong is running radio television Hongkong held since 2005, the men’s beauty contest, the program had in 2012 and closed in 2015, until the 2016 re do. Reporter Zheng Xing Hongkong reports相关的主题文章: