Beijing eight a number of the country’s first two non ordinary residential is a big kill govos

Beijing eight number of national first two non ordinary residential is big Shazhao source: excellent traditional central bank follow Yau grams of real estate was founded, Beijing municipal government forwarded "some measures on promoting the stable development of the real estate market in the city in the evening of September 30th" (hereinafter referred to as the "Beijing eight"). The eight provision, the creation of a number of national regulation first, the real kill strokes, but easy to be ignored. First, credit policy adjustment is certainly the highlight. Do not just stare at two sets of housing down payment ratio increased to 50%. The real trick is to increase the proportion of the first kill. In Beijing, eight new, ordinary housing Shoufu to 35%. You and I both know, through divorce, household and other means, a lot of this is not the first purchase behavior, can become the first. Beijing directly to adjust the proportion of down payment, the intensity is unprecedented, through false divorce, household behavior and other acts to increase leverage, will be lost. You know, the proportion of these people is not small. Second, Beijing New Deal isolated a non ordinary residential first Shoufu 40% provisions. First look at the three Beijing standard non ordinary residential identification: one is the volume of residential construction in the area below 1 (excluding 1); the two is a single set of building area of 144 square meters (including 144 square meters); the three is the actual transaction price is higher than the same level of housing land, the average transaction price of 1.2 times. These three, as long as one, even if non ordinary residential. After this round of rapid price increases, more than three of the standard, I am afraid of Beijing a considerable proportion of the housing will be classified as non ordinary residential areas, then the implementation of 40% of the Shoufu ratio. So, for many people, the first suite down payment ratio is not 35%, but 40%. The extent of this deleveraging is pretty good. Third, two suites down payment ratio of 50%. Centaline Property Research Center has a set of data, Beijing second-hand housing purchase crowd, sell one to buy a set of second-hand housing transactions accounted for the proportion, about 50% of the amount of Beijing in accordance with Article Eight of the housing and credit recognition standards, these people will be identified as two suites. Even more critical is that the two suites down payment, and separated the non ordinary sets of more than two residential concept, down payment of 70%. This move is very large, because in accordance with the above three non ordinary residential standards, Beijing has a considerable proportion of housing are non ordinary housing, as long as the two sets of identity, all the 70%. It’s much bigger than we thought. Take a look at Beijing this year’s 100 thousand + project how much? Even more critical is that the massive demand for improvement in the two sets of categories, a large proportion, all belong to the two sets of non ordinary, the face of combat beyond the literal understanding. It is clear that the top luxury market in Beijing, will be relatively large impact. On the one hand they are non ordinary residential, and their customers, most of them are two sets of customers, for them, the vast majority of customers down payment ratio has been a 70%, the impact can not be ignored. Fourth, the 9070 policy is back. This is not a new policy, in 2006 2005, the round of regulation on相关的主题文章: