Beijing Forest Public Security Bureau, former political commissar jailed for bribery has nine bribes pork face

Beijing Forest Public Security Bureau, former political commissar jailed for bribery has nine bribes over 1 million – Beijing, the use of his office as the Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau of Forest Public Security Bureau, political commissar, Xu Haifeng received a green corporate representative of Jiang’s request, in more than 5 years to help get a green building project for the. Jiang received a total of 116 yuan to give money. Beijing Morning Post reporter was informed yesterday, the Haidian court to bribery, the First Instance sentenced to 5 years in prison Xu Haifeng. Help others to contract projects receive money according to the prosecutor accused, from January 2009 to November 2014, the defendant Xu Haifeng served as political commissar of the Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau of Forest Public Security Bureau, the use of its work and the former deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of landscape history based on a certain (handled separately), the former head of Beijing City Landscaping Bureau of Miyun Wang, director Huairou District of Beijing City Landscaping Bureau Lee et al have, to accept a Beijing green limited legal representative Jiang (handled separately) of the trust, to help the company to contract a green green engineering project, has received Jiang giving money totaling 1 million 40 thousand yuan, amounting to a total of $20 thousand. RMB 116 yuan. January 8, 2015, Xu Haifeng was the City Commission for Discipline Inspection investigation, the same day was taken two measures. Prosecutors believe that the crime of bribery should be held criminally responsible. Has nine bribes over 1 million in the trial, Xu Haifeng’s Procuratorate alleged facts and charges of no objection, but argued that he only for Jiang introduced two projects, accepting Jiang’s other money should belong to the violation behavior. The defender believes that Xu Haifeng has received 9 of the money given by Jiang, but only in 2011 and 2013 400 thousand and received two specific care issues associated. In addition, Xu Haifeng during the "two rules" and investigation, can truthfully confessed crime, sincere repentance, positive tuizang, suggested that the court of a lighter or mitigated punishment. Xu Haifeng explained, Jiang gave money to two main reasons, one is in 2008 he will Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau deputy director Jiang Shimou introduced to Shimou, using his office to help Jiang contract a landscaping project. The two is to help him coordinate and smooth the contract of the two green projects. From 2011 2014 until the beginning of the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival and is taking advantage of Xu Haifeng and Jiang are playing golf, can give the money, even Xu Haifeng’s daughter abroad, Jiang are will send $10 thousand. During this period, Xu Haifeng received a total of 840 thousand Yuan Jiang and $20 thousand. "He gave me the money just to thank me for coordinating the two projects." Xu Haifeng said. Sentenced to imprisonment for five years, the Haidian court held that, after investigation, based on the work of Xu Haifeng understanding the relationship between Shimou et al., to establish and maintain the relationship between the power and position are dependent on Xu Haifeng, Xu Haifeng can be related to the staff to "greet" help Jiang contract projects, it is also affected because the authority or status of the. Secondly, Xu Haifeng has a certain influence on the landscape system相关的主题文章: