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Beijing GUI Street implementation of the five comprehensive renovation project to enhance the overall environment of Beijing Beijing in September 20 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yu Lixiao) upgrade program of Beijing famous restaurant Street — the place of today announced that from the beginning of this month, in the last half of the time, Dongcheng District will implement five major renovation project of GUI street, comprehensive to improve the overall environment of the local. GUI Street East of the East Second Ring Road Dongzhimen bridge, West to Beixinqiao and Dongzhimen in the middle of the crossroads, North and South Street intersection, a total length of 1472 meters, the number of businesses reached 250, including 110 catering enterprises. The average daily reception of restaurants in the region exceeded 6000 people, in the weekend or holidays, reception is rising to 10000 people. The place of traffic chaos, noise pollution, environmental mess, illegally built illegal advertising plaque and other issues are more prominent, make life miserable in the surrounding residents. Over the past 3 years, the relevant departments of Dongcheng District received letters and visits from residents, the number of complaints about environmental complaints increased year by year. Over the years, Dongcheng District every year a lot of manpower and material resources to maintain the city management Guijie high strength, every year the government investment in the place of up to 17 million yuan, but taking in contradiction, environmental problems still exist. To this end, Dongcheng District will implement a comprehensive environmental comprehensive improvement project of Double Street, including five major projects, namely the gas pipeline laying project, improve food safety engineering, traffic order optimization project, facade renovation project, taking in plaque harmonious engineering. Beijing GUI street is about to bid farewell to the gas tank era. According to reports, the place will be unified the laying of gas pipeline, to eliminate safety hazards. The gas pipeline west of Beixinqiao Road, east of North and South Street, totaling 1900 meters. At the same time will also provide 7 fire hydrant in place. In the road, will make the adjustment to the Road West Guijie, adjustment of motor and non motor belt width, reasonable layout of parking and bicycle rental. Smooth slow system, the addition of isolation, at the junction of the addition of car stops. Adjust the box position, reduce the box size. Revision of trail and road pavement damage, radical and rut. A plaque on the transformation, will be phased in all kinds of illegal construction and illegal demolition Guijie set advertising plaque, on the existence of security risks, simple structure seriously affect the appearance of the city, the illegal construction of flammable material, according to the diagnostic accounts of the demolition; at the same time, the demolition of illegal businesses set up super high, super, super bright outdoor advertising plaque more than and 400. In terms of food safety, Beixinqiao food and Drug Administration and all catering businesses signed Guijie food safety undertaking, established Guijie special inspection team to conduct on-site inspection of the place of catering businesses, found problems in a timely manner. For illegal activities engaged in food production and business activities, Dongcheng District will increase penalties. In taking harmonious engineering, will carry out the dirty disorder in governance, governance noise and smoke pollution, exposed garbage and other special rectification actions in and around the place, efforts to solve the cluttered, indiscriminate dumping, Luandaluanjian, scat chaos problem. At the same time, the development and construction of parking facilities to meet the needs of the residents. Dongcheng District government hopes that the comprehensive environmental improvement project, the GUI)相关的主题文章: