Beijing Millennium Tangta Fokan door stolen crash leaving only a stake to support the new network –

Beijing Millennium Tangta Fokan door stolen crash leaving only a stake to support – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 24th news (reporter Liu Tiansi) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, Beijing Fangshan temple village in Guta, Beijing is one of the eight existing seat of the Tang Dynasty pagoda, built until now has been more than a thousand years history. Recently, the reporter visited found that this millennium Tangta exquisite marble Fokan door stolen, thieves left a stake to support one side of the tower. In addition, although 30 years ago under the temple village of Guta has been identified as a district level cultural relic protection units, but has not set up security card. Reporters learned that the Fangshan District committee found the stolen white marble Fokan door in the ravine, but cultural relics have been broken into three sections, the police have not locked the suspect. The temple was built in the Tang Dynasty Village in Guta, located in Beijing Fangshan District Zhangfang temple village about two kilometers northwest of the mountains. Found media reporter visited the scene, white marble stone component — the most beautiful shrines on the Guta gate has been stolen, the thief left a stake to support one side of the tower, Guta looks like a hollowed out. Local villagers told reporters that the Guta gate consists of four pieces of white marble stone shrines, three of which were stolen, then fill the stone, now the entire Fokan door was stolen. The reporters also found that the bottom has existed for a long time in a hole, near the entrance to the cave is full of picked up a bronze coins, engraved with the "kaiyuantongbao" four words, the old coins and also from Guta one thousand years ago, datang. The reporters found that the Guta remote location, away from the village community, civil air defense, physical defense, anti technology measures and even the day of theft, it is difficult to be detected. Reporters call the village temple village, a ginger (sound), said the director of cultural relics stolen and related protection are not understood. The history of Beijing folk association secretary general Liang Xinli, the 496 seat Guta has visited Beijing, he referred to the existing Beijing Tang Dynasty Pagoda Temple Village under only eight, Guta is one of them. He said that the tower is very valuable, is an important material for the study of Buddhist culture in the Tang dynasty. Yesterday morning, Fangshan District cultural relics department responsible person confirmed CHC, under the temple village of Guta is stolen. Is the absence of security card, said he has been doing, but did not say when ready to set up. It is understood that at present in the valley have found the stolen white marble Fokan door, found artifacts have been broken into three pieces, suspected thieves during transport broke abandoned. The relevant departments have kept these three shrines and alarm processing, but not yet locked the suspect.相关的主题文章: