Beijing property market regulation of the New Deal the first suite down payment ratio of not less

Beijing property market regulation deal: the first suite down ratio of not less than 35%-   Beijing Zhengban made Sohu news; 2016 No. 46 District People’s government, the municipal government of the committee, office, bureau, municipal institutions: we will develop the city housing and Urban Construction Committee, city planning and land resources management committee, City, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau the Financial Bureau, the business management department of the people’s Bank, the Banking Bureau of Beijing "on a number of measures" to promote the real estate market stable and healthy development of the implementation to be forwarded, from the date of issuance, please seriously implement. Beijing City People’s Government Office in September 30, 2016 on the Beijing Banking Bureau Business Management Department of the city to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market measures of municipal housing and Urban Construction Committee of city planning and land resources management committee Industrial and Commercial Bureau City Financial Bureau of the people’s Bank to increase the effective supply of real estate market, optimize the supply structure, strengthen the management of trade, promote stable the healthy development of the real estate market, we hereby put forward the following measures: first, efforts to increase the supply of residential land, rationally adjust the structure of land supply actively promote land supply side structural reform, further efforts to increase the supply of residential land, combined with the annual land supply plan, the increase in low-cost spaces, and Taoxing ordinary commodity housing supply ratio, Taoxing guarantee the construction area of 90 square meters The proportion of the housing area of not less than 70%, while meeting the rigid housing needs, taking into account the need to meet the needs of improving housing. Two, to speed up the self occupied housing land supply to stabilize the real estate market, to further increase the owner occupied housing land supply, in addition to Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Shijingshan District and other areas in 2016 as soon as possible to arrange for a number of home-based commodity housing land market transactions. Three, strengthen the control of land, limited housing "transactions in the strict control of land at the same time, to predict the future project pilot to take prices, Limited sales price and as land auction conditions, effective control of the rapid rise in real estate prices. Real estate development enterprises to encourage self-sustaining part of residential as rental housing, meet the housing demand of city residents. Four, to further improve the differential housing credit policy to buy the first set of ordinary housing down payment of not less than 35%, the purchase of the first set of non ordinary housing down payment of not less than 40% (except for owner occupied housing, limited to two rooms such as housing policy). To have 1 sets of housing residents to buy home, once again to improve the living conditions for commercial housing loans to individuals of ordinary housing, regardless of whether the loans, the first payment of not less than 50%; the purchase of non ordinary housing, the first payment of not less than 70%. Five, the strengthening of the real estate development enterprises and sales behavior management to offer significantly higher than the surrounding items in the sale price and the transaction price of the project does not accept the guidance of commercial housing projects, they will not be issued pre-sale belongs to the forward delivery housing pre-sale permit, Xianfang sales is not for Xianfang sales record. To obtain pre-sale permit or apply for the sale of existing real estate development projects.相关的主题文章: