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Beijing to combat illegal sale of bird catching arrested 36 people removed 3 Zhang 30 meters long stick Network – Sohu news yesterday, Ying canal flower market in Tongzhou, focus on the protection of birds in Beijing city joint law enforcement officers will be illegal to sell into the car. Beijing News reporter Xue Jun photo Beijing News (reporter Xin Na) recently, Tianjin, Hebei and other places found that large-scale illegal bird caused concern. When the migratory birds, Beijing as one of the birds, but also for many illegal Fowler covet". Yesterday, reporters from the Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau learned that Beijing will start a month to concentrate on combating the illegal hunting, birds and other criminal acts of illegal sale. Yesterday, a total of more than 1 thousand rescue and rescue of wild birds, arrested illegal persons of 36. Focus on the fight against illegal hunting and other illegal behavior of the crackdown by the Municipal Gardens Bureau, Forest Public Security Bureau and the joint law enforcement brigade, carried out in fourteen districts of Beijing city area. Municipal Gardens Bureau responsible person, concentrated action will last for a month, to combat illegal hunting and other criminal acts of illegal sale of birds. It is understood that the main action to combat illegal acts in three areas. The person in charge, one is the illegal hunting of wild birds behavior. The two is in the flower market, markets and other places of illegal trade in wild birds; three is in the hotel, restaurant and other catering establishments illegal processing and sale of wild animal behavior and products. Illegal sale shall be liable to a fine of 10 times the illegal sale of hunting, how will the punishment? City Landscaping Bureau law enforcement team official told reporters that the offender in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the criminal cases of criminal detention standards, not enough administrative treatment according to law. In accordance with the provisions of the Beijing Municipality on the implementation of the law of the People’s Republic of China on the protection of wild animals, it is prohibited to sell or purchase the wildlife protected by the state or the city or its products. Which also mentioned, in violation of the provisions of the illegal sale, purchase, transportation and carrying, the national key protected wild animal or its products, kind and illegal income confiscated and shall be equivalent to the real value of 10 times the fine. The site of Tongzhou rescued 71 wild birds yesterday 9 a.m., the reporter to follow the Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau law enforcement brigade and battalion forest police came to Tongzhou flower market. According to the previous Mopai, law enforcement officers found that this market was illegal trafficking of wild birds. A law enforcement team, told reporters that the sale of wild birds are generally very alert traders, if you see law enforcement officers, may quickly put away the wild birds. So, law enforcement officers divided into morning stroll quietly in the crowd, looking for selling bird traders. Around 10 in the morning, law enforcement officers in a bird selling area found an illegal sale of wild birds van. More than a dozen in a cage with big tits and a dozen birds. Law enforcement officers immediately after the discovery, control of personnel, and confiscation of wild birds. Relevant person in charge, after the punishment according to law, the bird will be sent to the Beijing wildlife rescue center, after the rescue flight. "Some birds may get hurt, or too long, and need help to fly again". At the same time, in another electric tricycle.相关的主题文章: