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Beijing – VIDEO -FAST will explore the stars reporter shot "eye" FAST will detect the star reporter shot "eye" [comment] from the building began in 2011, after more than 5 years, the world’s largest 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope FAST is scheduled for September 25th in Guizhou Pingtang completed. China News Agency reporter approached this advance is located in Tai Wo Taipa depressions in "day eye view". FAST is of great scientific significance. It is put into use, the number of objects to be observed will increase substantially, observation statistics sample can provide more and better for scientists, more reliable test of modern physics, astronomy theory and model; it will find more singular objects. It covers astronomy research content widely, from the initial turbidity, dark matter and dark energy and the large scale structure and evolution of galaxies and the Milky Way system, star class of objects, to the observation of the planets in the solar system and the adjacent space events, it is this is it competitive. FAST to answer the scientific question is not only astronomical, but also the face of human and nature. It includes the main research direction, is a tour of neutral hydrogen in the universe, the universe of large scale physics, to explore the origin and evolution of the universe; the two is the observation of pulsar, material structure and physical laws of extreme conditions; three is the leading international low-frequency very long baseline interference measurement, obtain the hyperfine structure of celestial bodies the four is the detection of interstellar molecules;; five is the search for interstellar communication signals possible. In addition to the above five directions, it will have a lot of potential scientific output. Reporter Yang Guangzhen Li Jing Guizhou Pingtang reports相关的主题文章: