Beijing – VIDEO – giant fruit sculpture unveiled agriculture agricultural fair + tourism cited

Beijing – VIDEO – giant fruit sculpture unveiled "agriculture agricultural fair + tourism" cited public concern giant fruit and vegetable sculpture unveiled "agriculture agricultural fair + tourism" cited public concern [comment] in November 7th, the fourteenth session of China international agricultural products fair and the twelfth Kunming International Agricultural Expo being held in Kunming. Agricultural products from 36 countries gathered in Kunming, jointly played a song of autumn harvest. Into the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center, piled up flowers, vegetables and fruits "Jinxiu Yunling" and "the Peacock Flies Southeast Yunnan auspicious beauty" true to life, attracted many people’s eyes; fresh corn, flowers, pepper, eggplant, oranges, grapefruit and other 20 kinds of fruits and vegetables piled over the ground, a fruit fragrance in autumn scene. In the leisure agriculture exhibition, agricultural Carnival attracted a lot of public attention. Ginger produced "Jiangshan" sculpture, chestnut, pumpkin, red dates, oranges made several meters high in other Tiantan residents. The same period [] (Kunming citizen Zhu Jun) (do) very carefully, I feel very rich, very seductive. Do not know the original fruit can also be used, feel very good. I think it is very good, because now many people live in big cities, I think in this way people know more about the countryside, more understanding of plants, more understanding of fruit. I think it’s a great experience for people in the city. [comment] making fruit "Tiantan", "Jiang Shan" Carnival agricultural service association director Wang Zhenli said, making every kind of sculpture with fruit, is an experimental combination of agriculture and tourism, so that the vitality of the new agriculture with hope. At the same time, such a way to make the city people, especially the young people to understand the crops, attention to agriculture. The same period [] (Carnival agricultural service association director Wang Zhenli) agriculture inside because our traditional culture is very long, so that the inside reflects many crops many of our agricultural science knowledge and agricultural knowledge, then they feel in the city, may be able to see how crop growth, crop to in our results, how to crop flowering Carnival inside, each crop is in what place, then crops can play what role. [comment] it is reported that the current agricultural fair to "supply reform, industrial integration, green sharing, innovation and development" as the theme, the exhibition area of about 70 thousand square meters, 45 exhibitors. China International Agricultural Products Fair is approved by the State Council, the Ministry of agriculture sponsored large-scale agricultural industry event, has been successfully held thirteen sessions. Reporter Zhang Dao Nan Kunming reports相关的主题文章: