Beijing – VIDEO – Guangxi chivalrous couple daughter maishen to cure spend their savings money opera

Beijing – VIDEO – Guangxi "chivalrous couple" daughter maishen to cure spend their savings: money operation Guangxi "chivalrous couple" daughter maishen to cure spend their savings: money operation [comment] Guangxi Hezhou girl suffering from thalassemia, for its treatment, bone marrow to find adoptive parents spent all their savings and, for the maishen raise operation issue affecting the people. In November 10th, a reporter from the parents informed, at present, the small daughter violet? Has found a suitable bone marrow matching, the next step will be for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation surgery, surgery costs 400 thousand yuan needed, they also are trying to raise them. [comment] May 2015, who lives in the eight step zone GUI Ling Zhen Xin Hua Cun, Hezhou City, Deng Xianqun Wu Qiuhong couple found only 9 month old daughter Deng Zi at home?. The same period [] (Wu Qiuhong) was around five in the morning, I heard someone knocking at the door, knocked at the door, open the door, I saw a child is placed in the car, I saw she had a high fever, the face is very white. After the interpretation of the hospital diagnosis, suffering from severe thalassemia, can only rely on blood transfusions to survive, you want to cure only hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. The same period [] (Guangxi Hezhou Red Cross blood donation stem volunteer service team captain Tang Zhi) each month to a blood transfusion, blood transfusion because in the process of being too much blood, will produce iron to iron deposition, this process takes is great. [comment] this year, for a small purple? Cure, Deng Xianqun, Wu Qiuhong couple has spent hundreds of thousands at their own expense. Previously, in order to find matching bone marrow, the couple had tried to find her daughter’s parents, I hope they come forward with her type, and promised not to allow them to assume any surgical costs, but has no audio. [interpretation] in October 2016, after various efforts, they succeeded in finding a suitable bone marrow matching for small purple, but the operating costs of 400 thousand yuan but let the couple once again caught in a dilemma. [the same period] (Wu Qiuhong) a lot of people say I lost her, I said impossible. I look at the child so poor, I was only three years old, I have no parents, I saw her I think of myself. [interpretation] Wu Qiuhong, 10, said in an interview with reporters, at present, the couple have raised the loan by the surgery of 80 thousand. Despite the high cost of surgery and 400 thousand very far, but the couple said, will not give up, they will do their best to raise medical expenses for her daughter. [the same period of time] (Deng Xianqun) not to be able to count, if we can not get together, if anyone wants to have a good kidney, because I want to save the child. The same period [] (Wu Qiuhong) to raise money to raise less I began to think of my husband like that, he would prefer to sell their kidneys. (go to the kidney? Yeah, and then I thought I could sell my whole life happiness too, as long as anyone can help me with so much money, or borrow so much money to me. Kong Jinhua, Hezhou, Guangxi, reported by,相关的主题文章: