Benefits Of Every Door Direct Mail (eddm)

Business EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) allows businesses to market themselves to any address located in specific neighborhood without specifying names and addresses. They can save plenty of annual cost on postage permit and mailing list. These are two major expenses in direct mail campaigns and avoiding them can potentially save businesses thousands of dollars each year. EDDM is a mailing-based marketing program by the USPS (United States Postal Service), It will ensure residents to read information about your products and services. When sent regularly, EDDM can be used to update potential consumers about recent developments in the industry. This will be helpful to consumers as they may not have ample time to surf the web to get detailed information each day. USPS will fully handle the mailing list and automatically send your EDDM cards to everyone in the target area. There are plenty of benefits marketers can get from EDDM "No need for postage permit: Sending typical postcards or brochures manually through the post office to multiple addresses requires a permit that may cost hundreds of dollars. These fees can be waived when consumers choose an EDDM program. "No need for mailing list: USPS uses simplified addresses and the post office will automatically deliver your cards to the requested routes. "Flexibility in choosing size: Business owners can choose a size that accommodates the amount of information needed. offers various sizes that clients can choose starting from 4.5" x 12" to 9" x 12". Larger EDDM cards may make a huge statement to customers at reasonable prices. With 1000 EDDM cards ordered, clients can purchase cards for as low as 12 cents each. "Access through local post offices: EDDM cards can be mailed through any USPS post offices and the fee is payable with debit card, check and cash. It is even possible to get the EDDM cards to be shipped directly to the post office from the printing service company, to gain the lowest postage rate possible. This will ensure EDDM cards to be delivered efficiently and quickly. "Easy identification of target area: The nearest and easiest method to start an EDDM campaign is to open the official website of USPS. A specific tool in the website allows consumers to get detailed information of an area including zip code, city and radius from a specific point. Once the route has been defined, business owners can also determine the amount of EDDM cards they would need to mail. "High flexibility: EDDM cards can be modified according to unique requirements. Business people can avoid tired and common sales pitch that reduces the effectiveness of EDDM campaign. It is a good idea to form messages that look more familiar to recipients. This method will help to capture people interest and curiosity, so they can be more motivated to take necessary steps. It is important to keep EDDM cards simple and use only designs that can strengthen the brand. An additional "wow factor" can be achieved through the use of UV coating to obtain better durability and glossy looks. It"s worth the extra cost to gain more attention from potential customers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: