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Food-and-Drink If you own a television, more than likely you know the name, Billy Mays. You know, the infomercial guy that seems to have way too much energy? He is still at, inventing and promoting some of the most unusual but useful products on television. One of the most talked about products he has .e up with to date is the Big City Slider Station. This interesting little contraption has caught the attention of households across the globe. It is possible so many people are drawn to the Big City Slider Station because it is a hamburger maker, or it could be because it is a mini burger maker! The Big City Slider Station is a new and improved way of making Americas favorite food! You do not have to touch the hamburger or turkey burger. This station actually allows you to scoop and place the meat into the preformed holes, called sliders. After a mere minutes you have fresh mini burgers! The Big City Slider has one part that you scoop the meat into and the top part presses the meat down so you never have to get your hands dirty. After a few minutes you lift the top part off of the Big City Slider and turn the bottom part upside down. Now for the fun part, with the Big City Slider the burgers literally slide off once you tap the contraption on a hard surface. A cutting board is best for this. The reviews and testimonials for the Big City Slider are raving, this could very well be among the best inventions of our time. You might think you will never have a reason to make only small burgers, so it would be a waste of money for you to buy the Big City Slider. However, here are a few great reasons you might want to reconsider and buy yourself a Big City Slider Station: It is great for that midnight snack when you want something real, but not too big. Ideal size for children. No more wasted food. The Big City Slider is fun to use. Its as easy as scoop, press and cook! Thats it. When you order the Big City Slider Station on the official website you even get some extra goodies for free. Among the goodies are a recipe book and a slicer for onions and such. Honestly, you cant buy a decent frying pan for under $20. So if you can purchase a cool gadget like the Big City Slider that cooks 5 mini burgers at the same time and get free gifts, you really cant go wrong. If all of the above has not succeeded in convincing you to purchase the Big City Slider, maybe this final argument will. Have you ever burned yourself while you are trying to flip and cook your hamburgers? If not, you are one of the lucky ones. On the other hand, if you have been burned by the hot grease splattering from the hot frying pan, you can .pletely eliminate the hot splatters by purchasing a Big City Slider. The Big City Slider has a cover that not only cooks the top portion of the burgers but it also eliminates the greasy splatters that burn you! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: