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Follow Print Head Cleaning Procedure To Get Quality Printouts Posted By: Paul Johnston A common problem with printers is that from time to time it will disappoint you by its poor quality of the documents print outs. The first conclusion people jump to is that the ink cartridge is faulty and replace the cartridge in haste to find that the problem is still apparent. This can happen to any colour cartridge in any printer. The procedure for clearing the blockage is fairly standard and is carried out using the printer maintenance or utility feature. The cause of the ink blockage can be ink drying out in the print head through lack of use or if there is some dried out ink in a new ink cartridge that works it way into the print head and restricts the flow of ink. In the first instance, go to file print and select properties, next choose maintenance and finally head cleaning. The idea of cleaning the print heads using this method is to force the ink through the jets of the print head and clear the blockage.

blocked print head Get Useful Tips If Your Printer Will Not Print Black Ink Cartridges Posted By: Paul Johnston

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