Boehner u-town upgrade will become Beijing alone can see 120 frames of the theater-sexinse

Boehner u-town upgrade will become Beijing alone can see 120 frames of the theater "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" poster according to time network reported on September 21, 2016, in order to meet the director Ang Lee’s new "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war", Chaoyangmen Bona theater u-town shop is currently upgrading, will become the only one in Beijing you can see the new version of the original Ang Lee 120 frame theater. At present, the theater has been playing decoration in the slogan, still normal business, but the audience can enjoy half day viewing. At the technical level, the use of 3D 4K 120 frame format of "Billy · the war in the middle of the war" is regarded as a film that will lead to technological innovation in the works of the. Ang Lee hopes the reality of the screen makes the audience more immersed in the story. A similar attempt was made by Peter · Jackson’s "the Hobbit: an unexpected journey", but the film frames only 48. As early as in Las Vegas local time on April 16th, "Billy · Lynn’s midfield was held in the United States war" American radio and television broadcasting Practitioners Association Exhibition (NAB Show) on the 11 minute clip preview. The film created a sense of virtual reality in praise of the win, but there are still reservations. The former SONY technology executive George Joblove said, as has been accustomed to the film should be 24 grid theory, he needs to know that he is watching a story. "I want to see how the public will react to it, because it makes you seem to be on the spot." The transformation of the bona u-town theater Spielberg in the previous time interview about his love is not high frame rate, "because it makes the film doesn’t look like the movie, like the real world". For him, watching movies is to escape from reality, not to copy reality. But he affirmed Ang Lee’s technical breakthrough. However, in front of the film is a real problem: due to hardware and technical constraints, most viewers can not see the 3D 4K 120 frame format of the film. The American radio and television show on the screening equipment consists of two sets of Christie Mirage projector and 3D system composed of Dolby. Without this system, the theater will not be able to perform – and even with this system, the best results can be achieved only 3D 4K 60. It is reported that Boehner u-town construction site, in order to meet the "Billy ·"; the Lynn midfield war propaganda, Boehner u-town also specialized decoration and develop a region used to show Ang Lee’s works, and LED big screen lobby will be replaced into more HD equipment, in order to meet the new Ang Lee Theater, is a comprehensive upgrade of hardware, technology and other aspects, is expected to complete the decoration at the end of October, you can watch "Billy · will become the only one in Beijing after the transformation; Lynn" 120 frame version of the theater, but the fare is also unknown.相关的主题文章: