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Both want to colorful pressure and fear exposed, the female star for the tricks! Eight I know miss you, is the most understand the female children’s entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong get more gossip information. Angelababy won the best actress award of the golden flower, although a lot of controversy, but a deep V dress is still the colorful pressure! But this deep V dress look but there is mystery ah, look at a magnification: behind the colorful pressure originally is also worried about exposed, so we don’t have enough material for the tape! A piece of transparent tape to make it a long skirt with confidence to open to the waist deep V, while the other side face was infinite, perfect foil Princess waist baby curve graceful, is really good! To say the female star to participate in the activities of the red carpet ah ah, is really not easy, while thinking of colorful pressure audience, while also anti fire security! A search on "star exposed" keywords, found the following title: so for a long time, in the face of changqiangduanbao photographers, female stars in anti this matter is also more and more attention, the tape ah ah ah blanket your feet, it is the tricks! So they mainly use these strokes! The first recruit: chest big trouble, use hand to solve! It is almost all of the actress will get to you! Walk the red carpet, to participate in the conference is going to dress, what is the low cut slits the classic elements of the eternal, the best time is of course hand! Qianqian jade hand half covered breasts, can hardly temptation. It used to reach the acme of perfection are: sister Gianna Jun, Li Xiaolu and other female stars. And it is all significant chest! Significant clavicle! Beautiful hand! Fully embodies the bow that is the most gentle, like a lotus cool shy". Of course, the chest must be restrained attitude, soft, not too hard ah! Similar to the hands of her sister Xiao Qiang chest what picture is too beautiful to look at ah! The so-called one together, while using a mobile phone bag, ah these blocks, are anti method with high efficiency! Second strokes: come and go and sit, remember to hold the qunjiao! The first two elegant goddess circles outstanding representative Zhi Ling sister you feel! Female stars love to wear this more than a dozen centimeters above the knee skirt, even if there are safety pants in the film is not beautiful! Similarly, when come and go, because short skirt and high heels, had walked up the stairs down the steps like the actress who both hands look gorgeous Qunjiao move also. For example: South Korean actress Cai Xiubin Song Hye Kyo for example: in addition to hand to block, positioning is more important, such as South Korea women’s team members of the Sandara, hold the Qunjiao and hand over his chest with different approaches but equally satisfactory results of the wonderful, "partly veiled" feeling, a more ascetic side more temptation. It is clever. The third measure: legs and blankets, you choose a! Come and go after this pass, on the seat! Female stars in the seat against another posture is exposed: your feet! Show thin! Leg length! It is not easy to run away! Suitable for the vast majority of short skirt in addition to A word skirt. Such as Yang Mi, Zhang Ziyi, and, in addition to the blanket,相关的主题文章: