Bozhou caring people monthly salary of 2000 yuan per month to support College Students $200-4000dy

Bozhou people love a monthly salary of 2000 yuan monthly subsidy 200 yuan college in October 25th, people love Yang Jinbao wants to fund a poor university freshmen, through the newspaper to help recommend, linked to a poor students of Guoyang county. Yang Jinbao is an ordinary security staff, monthly income of about 2000 yuan. In August three years ago, the "dream university" in the column, a "Guo Guizhou: each pick up a beverage bottle from a point near the University" the report attracted his attention. My grandfather died, my grandmother blind father suffering from epilepsy, three years old dilapidated small tile roofed house only, crumbling. No one family lived in a small cottage, rented a room in the dark and damp, family life alone one mother in the stall doing odd jobs. In order to earn money to save tuition, Guo Qian together with his mother to stall and go to work, after picking up beverage bottles in the night for guests. The reporter contacted Yang Jinbao matchmaking, Guo Guizhou, and promised him a subsidy of 150 yuan per month living expenses until graduation. At that time, Yang Jinbao’s monthly income of only 800 yuan. Reporters learned that the cost of living Yang Jinbao has never been interrupted, regularly hit the monthly account of Guo Qian. Later, Yang Jinbao’s wages rose, he sent to the monthly cost of living Guo also rose to 200 yuan. Last week and Guo Qian’s family call, learned that Guo Qianzheng is in the practice stage, also found a temporary job, with income. I am also relieved that I would like to ask you to help me to recommend a poor college freshman and continue to fund their living expenses until graduation." Yang Jinbao said. Reporters recommended for him this year before the newspaper reported that Sun Danyang students. Sun Danyang is now studying at Anhui Finance and Economics University, his father due to accident comminuted fracture of the leg, perennial in bed. Two brothers are in college. Grandparents over eight years, was heart disease, coronary heart disease and other diseases. Because of dilapidated houses, they live in one family uncle. As of press time ago, Yang Jinbao has made contact with Sun Danyang, and to the bank card number of Sun Danyang.相关的主题文章: