Brain waves may be the future of the VR can help you draw your girlfriend thinkpad s230u

Brain waves may be the future of the VR: can help you to draw the girlfriend of the text VR dimension of the first two days of the sun in the VR dimension, we see that VR has begun to integrate into the sense of touch, smell and taste and other common human consciousness. It is said that the reason why people have so many "feel", the main reason is that the brain receives a signal from the signal to tell you that the pain is not painful, not bitter. A big hole in the brain, if the reverse? The brain waves release a signal, which is received by VR, and then draws out what you think. Don’t think this is a science fiction. MindMaze helmet turns your brain waves into virtual reality Swiss start-up company MindMaze is expanding its VR technology from the medical field to the mainstream world. The company’s VR helmet can read players’ brain waves, and use the data to help them relax and play games. The team received a $8 million 500 thousand angel investment, hoping to put a few products to the market. Some people record the experience of the process: there is a MindMaze called "NeuroGoggles" VR helmet, in the choice of AR mode, you can see the virtual flame from the tip of the finger out. They also use a strip of paper to put an ECG sensor on my head, and use the TV to direct my brain activity. On the other table, they use a full set of sensors to measure the degree of relaxation, and use the level of relaxation to provide a power supply for a glowing ball in front of the screen. I try to relax, next to a MindMaze employee and I was a luminous ball "tug of war". MindMaze also has a similar Kinect camera that can track my 3D campaign. There are some similarities between the company’s plans and the Leap Motion. For example, players can make the game’s virtual avatar imitate their every move. MindMaze began to develop 3D tracking technology, is intended for stroke, amputation, spinal cord and brain injury patients to help. The drama "doctor Moorhouse" in an episode, a patient’s hand amputated, Dr. Moorhouse found the patient very easily lead to phantomlimbpain anger. He eased the pain with a box. Inside the box was a mirror, and the box was divided into two sides, and the patient placed his arms on either side of the mirror, and when the patient moved one of his arms, he could see that the other arm was moving. The study also found no conclusive evidence, proof of the mirror box really can alleviate phantom limb pain, but the facts have proved that this control can help stroke patients recover limb. MindMaze also uses this mechanism, but the use of virtual limbs. As long as the patient moves a good hand, a mirror virtual hand can do the same. MindMaze CEO and founder Studi (Tej Tadi) said that in the future the company sells this device, consumers can use it to enhance their mental health, you can also use it to play games. "In the short term, the first thing we want to do is to launch a new game platform," said Tadic. "It’s more real than real life!相关的主题文章: