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Break the tarmac detention 5 days too? Police: according to the circumstances of the re – – September 14th morning, from the capital airport to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport CA1519 flight delayed 20 minutes than planned time to take off. A couple mistakenly machine in flight after the deadline broke into the airport controlled area, in front of the plane tried to stop the plane leaves, forced open the door to the airport. Airlines and airport related person in charge of the scene to persuade fruitless, the final two were airport personnel control. September 17th Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the two passengers mistakenly machine personal reasons, according to the relevant provisions of the police sentenced to two days of administrative detention for 5 days. Two passengers rushed into the control area did not receive boarding notice? Recently, a group of friends released a woman to stop the plane off the photos in the online heat transfer. According to witnesses, the incident time is September 14th morning, a man and a woman two passengers because missed the plane broke into the airport controlled area, rushed to stop the plane before the plane leaves, forced open the door to the boarding crew". Scene pictures show, a woman with luggage, standing under the plane. Into the airport control areas a total of two men and a woman, an eyewitness description is: "white T-shirt man as a member of the two passengers, passengers are more sensible than women, and security personnel." Two people’s behavior led to the aircraft was unable to enter the runway takeoff. There is a saying that this notice, two passengers received no check-in caused by machine, "I will rest at the gate and came back the plane ready to port, this mad rush down like." However, there is a clear boarding time on the boarding pass and boarding gate, and there will be a large audience in the terminal and a large screen prompts passengers boarding, this argument seems untenable. Capital airport stakeholders also confirmed that the two passengers due to personal reasons led to the wrong machine. Two people stop flights to break into the airport? BYD reporter learned that the flight is CA1519, the day is expected to take off at 9:30. Since the flight has refused to passengers boarding, but how can these two passengers from the terminal through the boarding bridge into the control area? According to the scene description, the conflict of the two passengers missed the plane and check-in staff, then knocked down the check-in staff forcibly rushed into the boarding bridge. Responsible for the distance from the ground to the boarding bridge connecting the terminal and aircraft to a certain height, the two passengers in the door closed, the boarding bridge and aircraft separation, finally from the boarding bridge to the ground still can make nothing of it. On the tarmac, although the female passenger has tried to stop the plane take off, not only blocked the baggage car, even standing under the plane stop the plane into the runway, but the unit "opinions are unified", decided not to open the door. After the incident, the airline and airport relevant responsible person rushed to the tarmac to communicate with two passengers, but there is no obvious effect. Eyewitness description said: "two men dressed in police uniforms of police under the car, try to close female passengers, the woman then agitated, cried, dance of hand foot.相关的主题文章: