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British media: Trump said the allegations of sexual harassment "pure fabrication" – International – British Financial Times website 14 reported that Donald Trump said, "the new allegations of provocative behavior he had molested women or women to make each other to accept the pure fabrication, and claimed the charges of false evidence, and will be open. The charges were issued by a number of women who described the incident as a long period of 30 years. The allegations came as the Republican Party’s personal life in the Republican Party was strengthened, and his actions in his personal life continued to undermine his popularity in the polls. Trump at a campaign rally in Florida on West Palm Beach, said: "these events never happened. These allegations are absurd, ridiculous and contrary to facts, common sense and logic." Trump’s counter attack seems to be part of the New York real estate developers coordinated efforts, to remove the "yoke", give up more restraint campaign style, and restrained style campaign had made his polls relative to Democrat Hilary Clinton rose. From the election battleground state in the latest poll, Trump in a Bloomberg poll in Pennsylvania support rate than rival Hilary behind 9 points in North Carolina’s support rate than the Democrats behind 2 points. North Carolina is a state in the south of the United States, Trump in the state’s support rate was the leading. Preside over the North Carolina poll for Suffolk University David Palai Olo Goss said: "the 5 point swing appeared to be due…… Trump’s support for independent voters fell. (Hilary) seems to have benefited from the shock wave of Trump’s speech on women." At the Florida state fair, Trump said of his new charges is a part carried out to support the political elite media campaign. He said: "for them, nothing is special. They will attack you, they will undermine you, they will try to ruin your career and your family." The charges extended the dispute over Trump for 2 weeks. Trump in mid September is still in fierce competition with Hilary. However, after the poor performance of the first televised debate, and after a period of 11 years ago, after the release of the old video, Trump’s support fell behind. The allegations appear to contradict his assertion that "I have never" kissed women or molested them in the second round of the presidential debate. (commissioning editor: Li Xuefeng (Intern), Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: