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Brokerage research report into the school district room guide? Or to canvassing "Shanghai young liter small all know", "Shanghai small rise early know", the content is not from educational institutions issued by the data, but from a brokerage research report. Recently, an article entitled "on the tribute season — Shanghai young liter small, small rise early, full interpretation of" broker research reports, become a hot topic, netizens criticized as "worthless". In fact, this year, regulators have also reported on such wonderful research conducted a corresponding punishment. "Wonderful" Research Report or to canvassing reporter saw in the research reported in the text on the list, a total of 72 pages, from public and private primary school, small rise early to counterpart institutions, and the current ranking are involved in junior high school. From the content of the research report, covering a wide range, almost as much as a guide to educational journals. However, many investors and users do not buy it. "This is the study of real estate it? Or is it a education?" "What does this have to do with the investment? Buy a house?" Obviously, due to the investment market is not too much help and reference, the accused "raffish" criticism of the majority. So, the broker issued this research report motivation? Reporters noted that in the "chief message" is marked with "new wealth so please vote team.". It is reported that the new wealth refers to the new wealth best analyst selection activities. The selection began in 2003 and is now in its fourteenth year. Every year, "new fortune" will be selected from the country’s thousands of analysts, the best analyst in 32 directions. According to industry sources, the end of the year, the number of brokers Researcher Award is very important factor is to look at its new wealth in the rankings. Insiders said that for ordinary analysts, the new wealth on the list is quite attractive, does not rule out the use of personality research report to attract eyeballs. Research reports have been punished in recent years, all kinds of wonderful research and reporting events in an endless stream, the slogan of the title, the content of entertainment, and even not professional research report has not caused the attention of the regulatory authorities. It is understood that, in early August of this year, the Commission has issued a bulletin on each broker supervision mechanism, in the form of case informed of a number of non-compliance of Analyst Research Report or speech. In June this year, the Shanghai Stock Exchange also chaos research report said that some published research report there is a lack of objective basis, subjective content, hasty conclusion even manufacturing gimmick to make groundless accusations and other issues, misleading investors to follow the trend of trading. The Shanghai Stock Exchange, said the industry research report on the impact of the stock price will be included in the scope of information disclosure regulation. It is reported that the China Securities Industry Association has made a penalty for the relevant matters. In April this year, according to the Securities Research Report of individual securities analysts to write the existence of language is not objective, not careful, excessive entertainment, vulgarization, violation of the relevant provisions of the Securities Analysts Association "code of conduct", take self disciplinary measures to 6 employees, and the relevant information in the Association of employees credit information system. In fact, the "new wealth" since billed as industry’s top and most professional awards, you should rely on analysts of real skill, real talent to fight, if blindly rely on "routine" to Bo eye, canvassing.)相关的主题文章: