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Stocks-Mutual-Funds Sensex is the buzzword today that governs the activities of the investors in India. With metamorphosis witnessed in all sectors and the country turning into a fast developing economy there is no dearth of investors. Even overseas investors are attracted towards sensex India and it has not been a decade that the stock market gained great momentum. The BSE index rose to such an escalating level that thousands of shares were being traded every minute and more investors being ready to invest. But the sudden downslide in the year 2008 left all in panic reminding one of the snake & ladder game. Many turned bankrupt, a number of .panies closed down, and financial chaos were the order of the day for over six months at a stretch. The downslide affected the BSE sensex, lowering the stock prices and investors were in a dilemma whether to take the risk or not. But now market conditions have changed for the better; the BSE index, over the last few months, has been displaying a rising figure. At present, the sensex index closed at 16844.20 up from the below-10,000 figure! Two stock exchanges in India hold prominence the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. The calculations of the stocks of the BSE are measured by the Sensex and that of the NSE by Nifty. Reading any stock market news in India will automatically transport you to the two worlds of Sensex Nifty. While the Sensex carries information on 30 traded stocks, the Nifty acquaints one of its 50 popular stocks. As per the latest stock market news, the sensex index was up by 148.47 points and the Nifty ended at 4996.90, up by 44.25 points. The Sensex Nifty gives the investor and all related to the stock market a general idea whether the stocks have gone up or down. So far as per the latest BSE index, Siemens traded in 1,32,938 shares, Axis Bank, 7,53,856, Oriental Bank of .merce trading in 80,035 shares, AIA Engineering selling 42,05,066 shares on the BSE followed by other .panies. Currently these are the .panies that have gained the most on the BSE sensex. But changeability is the order of the day in the stock market. The shares that you buy at a high price may or may not give you good returns. If the particular sector suddenly confronts a downslide, you will end up selling the same shares at a loss! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: