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The Bulls coach said moving the ball good wave God: we find the method to win Sohu sports > > data record shot point (Sohu sports Zheng Hao Tian Chicago reports) November 5, 2016 Beijing time (the time of November 4th), the NBA regular season to continue. Chicago bulls vs. New York Nicks. The game is the former bulls star Derek – Ross and Kim – former bulls center Joe Nuo A was traded to New York for the first time after Nicks returned to Chicago United center. Before the game, when the broadcaster introduced to Ross and Nuo A appeared on the stage, the audience stood up and cheered for them, did not feel they are the players. The Bulls also in the game for the first time during the period of suspension played carefully for two people to make their mark in the windy city while playing video, will also be the atmosphere to a climax. In the end, the Bulls lost 104 to 117 against Nicks. It is worth mentioning that the Bulls guard Wade eye-catching performance, had scored the highest 35 points, and 10 rebounds, this is Wade this season, the first two pairs. Bulls Jimmy – Butler scored 26 points for the season personal scoring high, including all the free throws in the 11. After the game, Nicks team striker Krista staples – Pohl Zingis, the Bulls coach Howie Berg and forward Taj Gibson was interviewed by the media. When asked about the performance of former teammate Derek – Ross and Joe – and – in the game of the -, "I’m tired of talking about it and hearing it," said Gibson. This is NBA, that’s what happens. They were doing very well tonight. They were aggressive. You can see that they’re playing with the right mentality tonight. Their performance tonight is different from what we saw in the video, as if it were a different team. I salute them. All we need to do is worry about ourselves. I’m happy that the game is over, and now all we have to do is focus on how to make the team better." About the team’s defense, Gibson said: "we have a lot of players who are willing to improve themselves, to correct their mistakes in the field, it will only make us better. We have another game tomorrow and it’s even harder than tonight. We should look forward." When it comes to the transfer of the Bulls tonight, Bulls coach Hoiberg said: "we are not doing well in the transfer of the ball tonight. We had 15 assists and 13 turnovers, and they had 32 assists, but only a 5 error. The data clearly show everything." Nicks, on the team’s performance tonight, forward at Krista – Pohl Zingis said: "our team tonight’s performance are excellent, playing very aggressive, we are doing very well in the conduction of the ball. Although we lost the lead, but we still find a way to win."相关的主题文章: