Burma official investigation report – River Hydropower myitsone project has been submitted to the pr-cosmax

Burma official: survey report of River Upstream Hydropower Project has been submitted to the president of Iraq – MISONG – Beijing Beijing in November 12 Yangon Xinhua (Zhang Dan Li Huanlan) Burma presidential palace 12 days through social networking sites and the official newspaper published the first survey of the Irrawaddy River Upstream Hydropower – myitsone project reports have been submitted on November 11th by the end. The president. The official said in a statement, report to the Burma Environmental Research Institute as a technical support, in order to assess the environmental and social impact, a true reflection of Burma can be used for power generation of hydropower resources, electricity demand, the upstream ayeyawady hydropower myitsone project establishment, contract, agreement, water power project and the myitsone Committee activities. The committee will continue to conduct in-depth discussions and assessments with relevant personnel and organizations. Since the investigation is still ongoing, there is no analysis and recommendations in the first report. Burma MISONG hydropower station has been of concern China in overseas investment projects, a total cost of $3 billion 600 million, the total installed capacity of 6 million kilowatts, is a major project China national power investment group of overseas investment. 2009 started, but in 2011, Burma suddenly unilaterally suspended the project, causing huge economic losses to the Chinese side. According to the presidential decree of August 12th (No.58 2016), the upstream ayeyawady myitsone hydropower project – investigation committee. In order to make a comprehensive and detailed review of project related information and data, the Committee held 11 meetings during the period from August 21st to November 8th, to carry out collective consultation. September 15th to 16, led by the Secretary of the Commission of 14 members of the committee, the training, the myitsone project training, and Aung min DA and Marion immigration Village (the myitsone project immigrants in 5 villages of the Kachin) to inspect. The members of the committee met with state officials, administrative district, street management, civil society organizations and local elders, explained the committee will be referred to the civil society organizations and local people’s views and suggestions, and the Committee held a press conference. In October 11th, the Committee held in Naypyidaw and Chinese Power Investment (CPI) and the Yunnan international design company (CISPDR) for the first time, the friendly talks on the upstream ayeyawady myitsone hydropower project – case. In October 25th, Yunnan Power International Investment Limited (CPIYN) second officials went to Naypyidaw for a meeting with the committee, and re submit the implementation of the upstream ayeyawady hydropower myitsone project. From the Burma Environmental Research Institute of the 18 local scholars and 2 foreign experts will be on the upstream ayeyawady myitsone hydropower project – the first report on the environmental impact assessment review, the scope of activities and outline, carry out on-the-spot investigation and rapid assessment, to observe the effects of social, environmental and health problems. The investigation committee also stated that in considering the following factors related to the president responsibility after the submission of the final report: social and environmental costs and benefits of the project, including the project of ecological system and natural environment of the Irrawaddy River sustainable development, may the Iraq river water damage, local residents and community expectations and opinions of foreign the investment can be)相关的主题文章: