Buy a new mobile phone, Alipay was found to bind the other account transfer money from the Sohu news

Buy a new mobile phone, Alipay was found to bind to transfer money from other account Sohu news replacement mobile phone number, just give you send text messages about the new number so simple? Today, a variety of mobile phone applications are required to bind APP mobile phone number, mobile phone number if bound in pin before termination of these accounts, the risk is likely to face the new owner account is misuse, fraudulent use of the mobile phone number. The new phone number has been bound to buy WeChat? At the beginning of the new semester, Fu students encounter a worry. She used to buy the phone number from the operator to register WeChat was reminded that the phone number has been bound above the WeChat account, the screen display of the micro signal is another stranger’s head. Friends and friends around the search for its phone number plus WeChat also found this problem. Xiao Fu is also very puzzled about this, he has just bought the phone number has not been used, how has it registered a micro signal? Go to the operating room after the consultation, the staff told her that this phone number with her micro signal binding strangers, should be the phone number of a master. Staff explained that when a mobile phone number was canceled after the old master to give up the use of the operator will generally remain about 3 months, during which the old owner can buy back number. But if more than this time, the number may be re entered the market by other users to buy. Different operators to cancel the number to re-enter the market before the vacant period of different settings, moving for 1 to 3 months, China Unicom for 3 to 5 months. Change the mobile phone number when ignoring unbundling account risk is not timely unbundling, can not only the micro signal is mistaken embarrassing friends. In daily life, the pin number before the "not many unbundling conscious people. The reporter interviewed found that most of the respondents said that their mobile phone number and bank card, micro-blog, WeChat and APP software, but for mobile phone numbers, are not aware of the need to lift the mobile phone binding, basically is to apply for a micro signal. However, if you forget unbundling Alipay payment account, and the new owner of the mobile phone number and malevolent, you will likely face the risk of loss of property. Netizen "black" test: use the old mobile phone number to bind Alipay users successfully transfer Timo has successfully carried out a "black" test. A few months ago, she had to buy a new mobile phone number from operators, the mobile phone number has been found with a Alipay account bound. Use "password" function, access to the Alipay account login password via SMS, she successfully entered the other Alipay account. Hold on the degree of risk try ideas, Timo try to use this strange Alipay account to own another account transfer 5 yuan. Due to the original owner of the account set up a micro payment free password feature, in the case of Timo does not know the password to pay, even a successful transfer of the. "Please find the owner of this account, I will give him 5 yuan." "Black" the end of the experiment, Timo immediately contact the Alipay customer service and account owner, are tied to a mobile phone number, and said she was out of the money returned. Alipay guest.相关的主题文章: