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UnCategorized Have you ever known encouragement in the simple sharing of a life story? Every day, people encourage each other over a cup of coffee and the stories of their day. The breath of life is given at the water cooler when a co-worker offers of the challenges of their world. When we discover that someone has been where we are we realize that we are not alone. This is the gift of spiritual autobiography. Spiritual autobiography is simply a life story that doesn’t take God out of the equation. When one shares their testimony, he or she looks for God in the extraordinary, and ordinary, moments of living. The story teller offers God as hope amidst the struggle, suffering, joy, pain and enthusiasms of everyday life. Honesty is a gift offered by anyone willing to give it. When we share difficult life issues frankly people are touched. Those who are not afraid to let people know their low points extend the hand of grace to the people surrounding them. People are hungry for a story teller who’s not afraid to live emotionally exposed, because their story rings of familiarity, honesty and truth. God is discovered in these raw realities of life. If you are ready, and willing, to offer your life on these terms you can give the gift of spiritual memoir. .pelling testimony offers an honest example of the hope of God amidst the grittiness of daily reality. The following spiritual autobiography excerpt gives us a clear example of this type of raw, candid honesty: "Today my story is simple. I see how small I am and how little I have to give. It’s a gritty, messy and often humiliating story. I’ve been stripped of every big dream or expectation I’ve ever had for myself or my life. I’m nothing, but I still share. You’d think that today my story has no power but that’s not true. People are .forted and encouraged by the story of my life. They’re .forted by the stories of God’s presence in my most unexpected, difficult and ordinary places. Because their story is much like mine, they start to share too. God reaches us at the bottom of it all." This is the heart of the message "I’ve been where you are," and it’s a message we all have to give. It’s the essence of giving our testimony. You might think your life isn’t interesting enough, or important enough to share. How lonely we would all be if the only people who offered their story were "untouchable?" No one wants the story of an untouchable life. Real people aren’t deeply affected by a life of perfection, pomp and ostentatious display. People are really responding to the simple message of God’s quiet presence in the lives of everyday people: people just like you. And today, your story can be shared with more people than ever possible. We live in an exciting age! The ways in which we can .municate with people are endless and far reaching. This is important news if you are asking the question, "Should I Share My Spiritual Autobiography?" A simple Facebook page, blog, YouTube video, SlideShare presentation, Twitter Profile, discussion group or forum can quickly be.e a vehicle for reaching people with the message of God’s presence in your daily life. No need to be brilliant, famous, rich, charismatic or powerful. Money, skills or great knowledge are not required. All you need is a .puter and the desire to share. Consider taking your spiritual memoir one step further. EBooks and Print on Demand publishing have opened the door of the book publishing world. Book publishing is no longer limited to those who get a traditional book publishing contract or those who have money to burn. While self publishing a book takes a lot of motivation, hard work and .mitment it is more attainable than ever. Take some time to do some research before you rule this option out. You might find you have what it takes to be.e a self published author or you might discover you’re a master blogger! Today the possibilities are endless. Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of avenues you can use for sharing your spiritual memoir. Instead, find a way to begin telling your story and see where that takes you. Don’t wait to get started. Give God as a hope to others so they have something to hang on to when they’re hopeless. Offer your story so people know they are not alone. Share your struggles because they are the ordinary struggles of life. Your story is everyone’s story. Share your spiritual autobiography. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: