Can not afford to hurt the star to say and do not say the violence is wrong-ekdv-273

Vulnerable! Star network suffered violence: and did not say is wrong with Guangzhou Daily News said that the star is a high-risk occupation head ring, but in the real world, fans were injured from time to time encounter filming track and even publicly fall, in the virtual world of the Internet is also not easy, chance encounter verbal violence have more and more high. Recently, Joe Chen and Zhao Liying [micro-blog] [micro-blog] because there is no micro-blog for friends in the doghouse; Baoqiang Wang [micro-blog] issued a statement of divorce, Xu Zheng and Deng Chao [micro-blog] [micro-blog] micro-blog gathered a large number of "remind" they care about good brothers friends; Ada Choi [micro-blog] birthday, Jiang Xin micro-blog] to eat a bowl of noodles to be scolded, because "we so sad how can you as usual"…… These users lambasted staggering stars called "vulnerable". Guangzhou Daily reporter Moss wrote the case micro-blog not to "routine", and did not say are wrong recently, Joe Chen’s name appeared frequently in the micro-blog hot search list, the reason is she lost her friends but did not publish any memorial speech on micro-blog. Her latest micro-blog has more than 390 thousand comments, many netizens forced her voice, accusing her of false friends". Joe Chen’s agent was privately issued two word "distressed", suggesting that Joe Chen has burst into tears, drink a few cups of water, sad cannot makeup. Zhao Liying was scolded for the same reason. The day before, talking about this thing in the propaganda drama conference, Zhao Liying was out of control. She said: "this is a very good friend of mine, because there is no micro-blog, so many people in the following asked me. In fact, this is a big blow to me…… Very uncomfortable." She added, "I don’t want to tell you my feelings through micro-blog, I hope you respect the dead, give you a digest of the space bar." Zhao Liying’s remarks, Joe Chen is also estimated, there are many people in the circle and there is no reason to open their own aspirations, but not speech, not sad. Some stars are innocent lying gun. Jiang Xin made his own in the airport to eat micro-blog, comment on her actually not sad. Ada Choi birthday sun loving, and led a group of netizens criticized how she can also died in the peer as usual. In this regard, Jiang Xin responded "domineering, hungry to eat, sleepy sleep, want to cry to cry! Try to be as relaxed as possible every day." In fact, this is not the first time users of the Internet to carry out moral kidnapping. In the case of a month ago when Baoqiang Wang divorce occurred, there are many people have accused Xu Zheng, not timely voice, "why not stand up to his brother?" "" After users repeatedly pressed, Xu Zheng stressed that his voice has been paying close attention to the event, also said "the treasure is strong in the center of the storm, now need is calm and space, at any time, I will silently stood behind the baby. Any need, I will be duty bound". Deng Chao was asked about the issue of divorce in the event of Baoqiang Wang is also very awkward, he said with Baoqiang Wang has been in contact, including after the incident. In addition, Christine Fan [micro-blog] because相关的主题文章: