Can you eat Homemade homemade

Can you eat? British friends homemade Jabba vegetable pie "Star Wars" one of the most interesting features is that every planet aliens have the appearance of odd shape. The soggy Hutt space of the crime boss Jabba is also very impressive. Would you like to try to turn Jabba into a dish? Recently, there are really friends of the soft lying insects into a dish. As a heavy Jabba the Hutt, like a no legs, covered in mud giant slug. The monotony of his face with a big, dripping, no teeth slobber mouth, two eyes from the giant reptiles orange head greedily gazing around. Jabba always around the scum, incompetent thugs and hired gunmen to ensure his personal safety. He lives in a desert of Tatooine is affected by wind erosion but still luxurious palace. The official use of the user’s soft appearance, he made a vegetable pie. The body is made of mashed potatoes. Under the mashed potatoes are all kinds of vegetables. It doesn’t look like that. According to users sharing recipes, it is really delicious. However, in fact, the production of this dish is a British Internet users. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: