Canada Gao Xiaosong to show off the air The threat comes from Chinese companies Sohu news-tamiflu

Canada Gao Xiaosong to show off the air? In fact, from the China company threat – Sohu news yesterday (August 27th) morning, Gao Xiaosong issued a document that originally aired Friday "Xiao Song" program involving Aboriginal adventures a chieftain tells the history and experience of Canadian Tourism Bureau press and review, the other side also said if not properly solve the "will rise to the height of political impact". Then there are users to find information mining, the so-called Canadian Tourism Bureau, the relevant mail to use the mailbox in fact, from a Chinese company. Today (August 28th) at noon, the famous Canadian mountains in China host response to Gao Xiaosong said the email may be a Canadian Tourism Bureau Beijing Office of a local staff. But as of press time, the Canadian Embassy, the Canadian Tourism Bureau has not yet responded to the matter. Gao Xiaosong said the protests being shut down due to being pushed off involving the Canadian Aboriginal storm began in early yesterday morning. Gao Xiaosong micro-blog issued a document, originally aired Friday in the latest issue of "Xiao Song" is about off the air because of the program because it involves the Canadian First Nations (aboriginal) a chieftain’s interview, he said, in the government of Canada when the first national policy at the same time, the chief tells about the history experience, and praised New Zealand and the criticism of the American Aboriginal Policy, but the content of "by Canadian authorities strongly obstructed, led to the program indefinitely delayed broadcast". Then, Gao Xiaosong said, in a very free speech at home Canada sent a message to say the rights of indigenous people and the independence of Quebec must not be provided, "threatened if broadcast ‘rise to the height of political cause very serious consequences" puzzled. Lvqiuluwei also said that foreign interference in media freedom belongs to the Canadian government scandal, also said, "very curious, Canadian media on their own independent, so many aboriginal reports, which only reached in Chinese programs," who is Canadian authorities’?" Gao Xiaosong drying out in micro-blog mail screenshot, the other required excision programs and "threatened" serious consequences if not treated properly. Gao Xiaosong drying out in micro-blog mail screenshot, the other required excision programs and "threatened" serious consequences if not treated properly. Sohu news noted that users commented more support for Gao Xiaosong insisted on the show, there are many people who want to know the reasons for the move. Until this morning, Gao Xiaosong said again after the sound of communication, the Canadian Tourism Bureau still does not agree with the broadcast of the first national chiefs interview, and arrogant attitude strong, legal, diplomatic, political threat. He drying out the email records show that this is a program about revisions of Iqiyi site send Gao Xiaosong’s Chinese mail, which quoted an email address from the destinationcanada suffix for the mail, the content is detailed amendments to the program, accurate to the second point which should be changed into what content. The message pointed out, "I hope you can understand the Aboriginal and Quebecois problem…… As an official body can not be mentioned, "this matter is really serious, if not properly resolved will rise to a high degree of political cause very serious consequences." High.相关的主题文章: