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Cards owe cash collateral car loan shark man jailed for 12 years – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) the car grounds, the 25 year old Beijing City Bureau of cadre training center, the former employees Zhao crazy rental and resell mortgage cash, cheat rent a car 21 fraud amount more than 400 yuan. The day before yesterday morning, Chaoyang Court to the crime of contract fraud and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, zhao. The day before yesterday morning, Zhao was brought into the court bailiff, the presiding judge of the case, the Chaoyang Court judge Wang Yang read the verdict. Zhao was accused by the Chaoyang District procuratorate contract fraud, fraud two crimes. From September 4, 2014 to January 2, 2014, accused of show, Zhao name in car, in Haidian, Chaoyang, Changping and other places more than lessors signed "rental agreement", "agreement" paid to borrow a vehicle or through the network platform, car rental, crazy crime 22 onwards, will be rented 22 cars hand cash collateral involved amounted to more than 400 yuan. Zhao to the fact that the accused had no objection, but argued that his behavior should be identified as the crime of fraud, or is identified as the crime of contract fraud, should not be identified as two counts of crimes. In addition, the report revealed, at the court to be given a lighter punishment. Chaoyang Court found that in September 4, 2014, in October 24th, Zhao has rented a car somewhere from the Audi, Buick, Volkswagen car 3. A car permit said when he met through a friend Zhao has been 7 years, Zhao said he wants to do business, need the car. 3 cars rented out, in January 5, 2015, he could not contact Zhao, only to find his car was cheated of the 3. In accordance with the vehicle with the GPS to find the car, the car was informed that the 3 cars were all secured. In addition, Zhao also through a number of car rental, car rental and other PP car rental fraud and cash. Cheated rent mortgage vehicles for Audi, BMW, Mercedes and other luxury cars, the highest valuation price of 378 thousand yuan, the total valuation of more than 400 yuan, and some of the vehicles have been unable to price. Cheated rental car after the incident was the party or the leasing company to track back or redemption, which has 4 cars whereabouts unknown. More than the victim card, said they were assured that the car will be leased to Zhao, Zhao is because of Beijing, or the official staff of the unit. Zhao in an interview with the public security organs interrogation confessed, the cheat car because in 2010, playing the lottery owed a lot of money, then borrowed 1 million yuan loan sharks, do business and lost 1 million yuan. In September 2014, the mobile phone received a PP car rental company’s advertising messages, that is to provide car rental services, and then from the PP car platform to rent a car, "to rent a car after the vehicle will be mortgaged to friends, mortgage money to usury, rob Peter to pay Paul," Zhao said, because the PP car rental platform is short the car, so he began in the name of a person, to the person or company that rent a car, after the car to the mortgage term weakness caused by the incident. Chaoyang Court held that Zhao fictional car rental facts, the victim’s property, a huge amount, his behavior constituted fraud, its short.相关的主题文章: