PPP third batches of projects announced soon, nearly 300 million capital layout of 9 coal oil stocks 一言九鼎的意思

The third batch of PPP project released nearly 300 million fund layout 9 coal oil shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament – reporter Ren Xiaoyu in August 30th, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice to carry out the government and social capital cooperation in traditional infrastructure related work. Notice proposed, fully understand the important significance, do PPP work in the field of infrastructure projects to strengthen the implementation of the project reserves, do joint trial project decision-making, establish a reasonable return on investment mechanism, standardize project implementation, building a diversified exit mechanism, actively play the role of financial institutions, to encourage and guide private investment and foreign investment and optimize the credit environment ten requirements. At the same time, the notice also clear the key projects of energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, municipal engineering and other fields of seven major categories. Affected by this, the coal oil plate yesterday is active, the sector as a whole rose 0.8%, plate 37 stocks rose, which, Hanson topped the rise to 4.93%, Rui mining (3.37%), Panjiang shares (2.67%), Jiai Technology (2.62%), Lu’an (2.58%), *ST (2.54%) cloud Xishan Coal (1.93%), Yangquan (1.67%), the source of oil (1.4%), Shaanxi (1.25%), guangjunengyuan (1.23%), Jizhong energy (1.1%) and Sinopec (1.01%) and other stocks also rose more than 1%. The flow of funds, a total of 25 stocks showed a net inflow of large single trend, the plate which China petroleum, Sinopec large single net inflow of funds among the top 73 million 903 thousand and 700 yuan respectively, 57 million 61 thousand and 800 yuan, Panjiang shares (33 million 692 thousand and 200 yuan), Xishan Coal and electricity (31 million 580 thousand and 600 yuan), Hanson (28 million 936 thousand and 800 yuan), Yangquan coal (17 million 442 thousand and 800 yuan), guangjunengyuan (15 million 904 thousand and 700 yuan), Shaanxi coal (14 million 319 thousand and 800 yuan) and Sinopec oil service ($10 million 943 thousand and 800) and other 7 stocks large single capital inflows over 10 million yuan, these 9 stocks accumulated suction gold 284 million yuan. Recently, some media reports, in accordance with the work plan, in September the third batch of PPP demonstration project to promote the 20 list jointly by the Ministry of Finance and other departments will be announced at the beginning of the. Guotai Junan believes that the third batch of PPP demonstration project of great significance, more and better projects are expected to accelerate the floor, which contributes to the construction project "complementarity", the theme is expected to continue to ferment. Public data show that as of July 25th, received a total of around to declare the project 1070, project total investment of about 2 trillion and 200 billion yuan, involving energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, municipal utilities, agriculture, forestry, science and technology, affordable housing, education, culture, health care, pension, health, tourism and sports the field of public service. In this regard, analysts pointed out that, in the energy sector, with the beginning of the coal industry theory

PPP第三批项目公布在即近 3亿资金布局9只煤炭石油股 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 听牛人解盘选牛股 上股林争霸赛   ■本报记者 任小雨   8月30日,国家发改委发布通知,要求切实做好传统基础设施领域政府和社会资本合作有关工作。通知提出,充分认识做好基础设施领域PPP工作的重要意义、加强项目储备、推行项目联审、做好项目决策、建立合理投资回报机制、规范项目实施、构建多元化退出机制、积极发挥金融机构作用、鼓励引导民间投资和外商投资和优化信用环境等十项要求。同时,通知还明确了能源、交通运输、水利、环境保护、农业、林业、重大市政工程等七大领域的重点项目类别。   受此影响,煤炭石油板块昨日表现活跃,板块整体上涨0.8%,板块内有37只成份股实现上涨,其中,潜能恒信涨幅居首达到4.93%,金瑞矿业(3.37%)、盘江股份(2.67%)、吉艾科技(2.62%)、潞安环能(2.58%)、\*ST云维(2.54%)、西山煤电(1.93%)、阳泉煤业(1.67%)、通源石油(1.4%)、陕西煤业(1.25%)、广聚能源(1.23%)、冀中能源(1.1%)和中国石化(1.01%)等个股涨幅也均在1%以上。   资金流向方面,板块内共有25只个股呈现大单资金净流入态势,其中,中国石油、中国石化大单资金净流入居前,分别为7390.37万元、5706.18万元,盘江股份(3369.22万元)、西山煤电(3158.06万元)、潜能恒信(2893.68万元)、阳泉煤业(1744.28万元)、广聚能源(1590.47万元)、陕西煤业(1431.98万元)和石化油服(1094.38万元)等7只个股大单资金净流入均超1000万元,上述9只个股累计吸金2.84亿元。   日前,有媒体报道,按照工作计划,由财政部等20个部门联合推动的PPP第三批示范项目清单9月初将公布。国泰君安认为,第三批PPP示范项目的意义重大,更多、更好的项目预计也会加速落地,这有助于基建项目“补短板”,该主题有望持续发酵。   公开数据显示,截至7月25日,共收到各地申报项目1070个,项目计划总投资约2.2万亿元,涉及能源、交通运输、水利、环境保护、市政公用事业、农业、林业、科技、保障性安居工程、教育、文化、医疗、卫生、养老、旅游、体育等公共服务领域。   对此,分析人士指出,在能源领域,随着年初以来煤炭行业供给侧改革强力推进,煤价持续回暖,部分煤企经营业绩有所改善。   据《证券日报》记者统计,截至8月30日,除冀中能源、\*ST山煤、大有能源、石化油服、大同煤业、*ST黑化等6家公司未披露中报之外,其余的56家公司中有18家公司中报业绩实现增长,其中,有11家公司今年上半年净利润实现扭亏,占比19.64%,这些公司分别为\*ST神火、恒源煤电、中煤能源、美锦能源、开滦股份、平煤股份、陕西煤业、龙宇燃油、潜能恒信、\*ST新集、\*ST新亿。   作为行业龙头之一的中煤能源,今年上半年公司实现营业收入263.01亿元,同比下降11.6%;归属于母公司股东的净利润为6.16亿元,同比增加15.81亿元,实现扭亏为盈。中煤能源表示,今年以来,在国家大力推进供给侧结构性改革、加快实施化解煤炭过剩产能政策影响下,煤炭价格逐步回升。但煤炭市场依然处于低位运行态势,环渤海动力煤价格指数同比降幅较大,企业生产经营压力依然较大。公司紧紧围绕年度经营目标,狠抓提质增效,强化预算执行,严控成本费用,生产经营稳定有序,报告期内实现扭亏为盈。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Before the disk U.S. stock index futures rose slightly 辅仁大学世界排名

Front plate: U.S. stock index futures rose slightly U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 14 U.S. stock index futures rose slightly before the panel on Wednesday, U.S. stocks fell yesterday after trying to rebound. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures rose 0.17%, standard & Poor’s 500 index futures rose 0.21%, Nasdaq 100 index futures rose 0.31%. On Tuesday, oil prices fell by the impact, the S & P 500 index fell 1.48%, the Dow fell 1.41%, the Fed’s monetary policy uncertainty makes investors reluctant admission. The current crude oil futures declined slightly, WTI crude oil fell 0.07%, Brent crude fell 0.06%. The US energy information administration will publish the report of last week’s oil depot. Investors were reluctant to enter the market before the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy meeting was held on 20-21 September. CMC Markets chief market analyst Michael Hewson said, "the Federal Reserve will make interest rates decisions next Wednesday, is now in a silent period.". Now the market lacks bullish support." He said, "the good thing is, we don’t have to listen to the Fed officials’ discussion about whether to raise interest rates. Although the dollar index has rebounded in the past few days, the market will be shocked if the Fed takes action next week." The Chicago Mercantile Exchange FedWatch Tool shows that the possibility of raising interest rates next week is about 15%. Goldman Sachs lowered its interest rate hike rate from 40% to 25% on Monday, September. Monsanto rose by 0.8%, and Bayer increased the purchase price to $128 per share, Monsanto accepted the latest offer. The dollar index fell 0.02%, metal futures rose all the way. Asian stock markets are mostly low, and European stock markets have risen. Editor in chief: Guo Mingyu SF008

盘前:美国股指期货小幅攀升 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间14日 美国股指期货周三盘前小幅攀升,美股在昨日大跌后试图反弹。   道琼斯工业平均指数期货上涨0.17%,标准普尔500指数期货上涨0.21%,纳斯达克100指数期货上涨0.31%。   周二,受油价大跌影响,标普500指数下跌1.48%,道指下跌1.41%,美联储货币政策的不确定性也令投资者不愿入场。   原油期货当前微跌,WTI原油下跌0.07%,布伦特原油下跌0.06%。   美国能源信息署即将发布上周原油库存报道。   在美联储9月20-21日货币政策会议召开之前,投资者不愿贸然入市。   CMC Markets首席市场分析师Michael Hewson表示,“美联储将于下周三做出利率决定,目前处于缄默期。现在市场缺乏利多因素支撑。”   他表示,“好处是,我们不必再听那些美联储官员有关是否加息的讨论。尽管美元指数在过去几天有所反弹,但如果美联储下周真的采取行动,市场将会感到震惊。”   芝加哥商业交易所FedWatch Tool显示,下周加息的可能性大约为15%。高盛周一将九月加息概率从40%下调至25%。   孟山都盘前上涨0.8%,拜耳将收购价格提高至每股128美元,孟山都接受了最新出价。   美元指数下跌0.02%,金属期货全线上扬。   亚洲股市大多低收,欧洲股市有所上涨。 责任编辑:郭明煜 SF008相关的主题文章:

EU seeks public opinion on whether to recognize China’s market economy status 山村小学校长艳史

The EU recognizes China market economy status to solicit public opinion on whether to admit China EU market economy status to solicit public opinion on 10 February, Xinhua news agency, Brussels (reporter Liang Linlin) the 10 decision on whether to admit the market economy status China launched network public consultation for 10 weeks. The Commission said that the public consultation for "all stakeholders." In mid March, the Commission will also hold a "stakeholder meeting", discuss the recognition of economic and social impact brought by market economy status China. The Commission has said that the problem of China market economy status at the EU economic development and international trade prospects, the comprehensive evaluation from various angles, especially the impact on the employment market in europe. The Commission and its agencies to collect relevant data for several months, the official views will be put forward in the second half of this year. According to the process, the Commission to come up with specific proposals will be submitted for consideration by the Council of the European Union, if China to admit the market economy status, finally the proposal will be delivered to the European Parliament and national parliaments to complete the relevant legal provisions of the amendment. According to the provisions of Chinese accession to the World Trade Organization protocol fifteenth, in response to anti-dumping and countervailing investigations Chinese in the determination of dumping margin can be based on the actual cost of data Chinese commodity as the basis, and the choice of a market economy status of a third related price level to determine the "surrogate country" approach. According to the agreement, the term of application of the clause in anti-dumping is 15 years, and will automatically expire in December 11, 2016. At present, the European Union has not reached a consensus on whether the failure of the fifteenth agreement means that China can automatically gain market economic status. The analysis report released earlier this year, the European Parliament lists four choices facing the European Union: automatic recognition China does not recognize the status of market economy; Chinese market economy status does not change the existing "surrogate country"; China does not recognize the status of market economy, but the end of the "surrogate country"; that China market economy status, but on individual industry from the market economic status of treatment. According to the Commission’s statistics, the EU currently has 52 to Chinese anti-dumping measures, the EU accounted for 1.38% of the total imports from China. The EU’s anti-dumping cases against China include iron and steel, machinery, chemicals and ceramics, and the employment of EU related industries is about 250 thousand. At present, more than 80 countries, including Russia, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia, have recognized the status of China’s market economy. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

欧盟就是否承认中国市场经济地位征求民意   欧盟就是否承认中国市场经济地位征求民意   新华社布鲁塞尔2月10日电(记者梁淋淋)欧盟10日决定就是否承认中国市场经济地位发起为期10周的网络公众咨询。   欧委会说,此次公众咨询对象为“所有利益攸关方。”3月中旬,欧委会还将举行一次“利益攸关方会议”,讨论承认中国市场经济地位所带来的经济和社会影响。   欧委会曾表示,中国的市场经济地位问题攸关欧盟的经济发展和国际贸易前景,欧委会需从各个角度全面评估,尤其是对欧洲就业市场的影响。欧委会及其下属机构还需几个月时间收集相关数据,正式意见将于今年下半年提出。   按照流程,欧委会拿出具体提案后将提交欧盟理事会审议通过,如果要承认中国市场经济地位,提案最后将交付欧洲议会和各国议会完成相关法律条文的修改。   根据中国加入世界贸易组织议定书第15条的规定,在针对中国的反倾销和反补贴调查中,倾销幅度的确定可以不以中国商品的实际成本数据为依据,而选择一个具备市场经济地位的第三国相关价格水平来确定,即“替代国”做法。按照协议,该条款在反倾销方面的适用期是15年,即将于2016年12月11日自动失效。   目前,欧盟就协议第15条失效是否意味着中国可自动获得市场经济地位还未达成统一意见。欧洲议会今年初发布的分析报告中列举了欧盟面临的四种选择:自动承认中国市场经济地位;不承认中国市场经济地位也不改变现有“替代国”做法;不承认中国市场经济地位,但结束“替代国”做法;承认中国市场经济地位,但对个别行业免除市场经济地位待遇。   根据欧委会的统计,欧盟目前有52项针对中国的反倾销措施,占欧盟从中国进口总量的1.38%。欧盟对华反倾销案件涉及的主要产业包括钢铁、机械、化工和陶瓷,欧盟相关产业的就业人数约为25万。   目前,已有包括俄罗斯、新西兰、新加坡、澳大利亚等在内的80多个国家承认中国市场经济地位。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

What kind of man love woman 庄稼一枝花的下一句

Men like what kind of women lead: in the rapid development of the times today, not only science and technology has changed, people’s aesthetic also began to change, just like before the ancient to fertilizer for beauty, modern but to thin as beauty. Many women do not understand the psychology of men, do not know what kind of woman is a man like a woman, then we come to see what kind of woman men like it.   men like women, 1, confident women, men appreciate women full of confidence, because she makes men feel that she can be responsible for their behavior, so that men have a sense of security, you can rest assured of her contacts. Confident woman is not only the way of getting along with people behave openly, frank attitude, assertive uninvolving. The key is full of confidence is not tough, they will be just perfect show in front of a man, nature freely to show women’s gentle soft. This can make men more willing to close to lament. And people are complex, and the more contradictory things are, the more interesting they are. So, smart women on the one hand to let men keep the conqueror’s strong fighting spirit, on the one hand to let the man can not resist your charm. To know what to do, can not let a man afraid of disappointment, and not let the man feel very easy. Men like what kind of woman, 2, a woman of self-cultivation, men like veiled women, implicit women in the minds of men represents a kind of self-cultivation, a taste, a charm in silence to highlight the outstanding. The veiled woman in silence is a shame also want to say shy and shy is a trait woman heart, in a sense it clearly represents a woman with little, not sophisticated, clear nature of publicity. While a woman is not accident, in the eyes of the man is like a horse without streaked white cloth, while men see this cloth before their eyes, always can not help but want to own the white highlights the color, make it more magnificent. So this kind of woman is very popular. Men like what kind of woman 3, have their own ideas of women, many women blindly rely on men, but in fact have their own career, but know in front of men timely spoiled woman will be more like. This woman loves life, never give up any chance to enjoy themselves, not only infected with this enthusiasm, but also give a fanatical return. And they know how to enjoy life, rich and delicate feelings, they are considerate, pure love bold, meet the challenge, to explore life. Along with them, men will feel very relaxed, without a mask, the upright gentlemen. But women who have ideas tend to think of women as strong women, tough and strong. But with the development of the times, men have changed their minds about women. Men like women, 4, pay attention to appearance of women, men do feel that make-up women are attractive, but the makeup of the type and location is more important. Dating sites and cell phone apps Zoosk recently analyzed 1200 women’s images 男人喜欢怎么样的女人   导语:在时代飞速发展的今天,不仅科技发生了变化,人的审美也开始了改变,就好像以前古代以肥为美,现代却以瘦为美。很多女性都不懂男性的心理,不知道什么样的 女人才是男性喜欢的女人,那么我们来一起看一下,男性喜欢什么样的女人吧。   男人喜欢怎么样的女人   1、充满自信的女人   男人欣赏充满自信的女人,因为她让男人觉得她能对自己的行为负责,令男人很有安全感,可以放心与她交往下去。   自信的女人不光待人接物表现得大大方方,态度率直,有主见不拖泥带水。   重点是充满自信不等于强悍,她们也会恰到好处得在男人面前示弱,自然随意地表现女人的温顺柔弱。这可以让男人痛惜,更乐于接近。   而且人是很复杂的,越矛盾的事有时会越让人感兴趣。所以,聪明的女人一方面要让男人保持征服者的旺盛斗志,一方面要让男人抗拒不了你的魅力。好好拿捏其中的分寸,既不能让男人害怕失望,又不能让男人觉得很容易到手。 男人喜欢怎么样的女人   2、有修养的女人   男人喜欢含蓄的女人,含蓄的女人在男人心目中代表着一种修养,一种品位,一种于无声中彰显魅力的出类拔萃。含蓄的女人在无声中蕴藏着一种欲说还羞的羞涩,而羞涩恰恰是女人最令男人心动的一大特质,它在某种意义上明确的代表了一个女人经事少,不世故,不张扬的清涩本质。而一个不事故的女人,在男人的眼中就如同一匹没有经过挑染的白布,而男人看到这样的白布摆在自己的眼前,总是会忍不住想要为这块白布挑染上属于自己的色彩,让它变得更加美轮美奂。所以这种女人很受欢迎。 男人喜欢怎么样的女人   3、有自己想法的女人   很多女人一味地依靠男人,但是其实有自己事业,却知道在男人面前适时撒娇的女人会更加让人喜欢。   这种女人热爱生活,从不放弃任何尽情享乐的机会,男人不但感染到这股热情更会给予狂热的回报。而且她们懂得生活情趣,感情丰富细腻,她们通常体贴入微,纯真大胆,喜欢迎接挑战,尽情探索人生。与她们交往,男人会觉得很轻松,不必作一个戴着假面具的正人君子。   但是有想法的女人通常会让人觉得是女强人,代表的是强硬与强势。但是随着时代的的发展,男人对女性想法已经改观。 男人喜欢怎么样的女人   4、注重外貌打扮的女人   男人确实觉得化妆的女人有魅力,不过妆容的类型和位置更加重要。约会网站及手机应用Zoosk最近分析了1200名女性的形象资料,以便确认男人是不是真的更喜欢“全天然”的样子,以及如果是的话,是否还喜欢化妆的女人。比起来没有眼妆的女人,画了眼影的女人收到男人私信的可能性高出139%。口红让女人得到约会的概率也比嘴唇上什么都不抹高出119%。另一方面,对1800名男性Zoosk用户的调查表明,男人不大愿意向化了浓重彩妆或者暗色妆的女人发信息,因为她们“看起来”不自然。   天生丽质固然可喜,但是也不能仗着天生丽质就不修边幅,聪敏的女人都深谙扮靓之道,懂得藏拙,她们总是神采飞扬的出现在人前,令人眼前一亮,再不知不觉中为之倾倒。 男人喜欢怎么样的女人   5、会撒娇的女人   虽然纯情的女人遭人喜欢,但是将清纯跟风骚并存,且将风骚发嗲发挥恰到好处的女人,才最吸引人。记得有本女性杂志说过,一个女人如果不幸一无才,二无貌,三又不想乖乖当厨娘时,就一定要会嗲会风骚。风骚这个词语原本具有很大的贬义。提起风骚就好比提起了放荡风流与魅惑狐媚。   文章来源(家庭医生在线)相关的主题文章:

2016025 highlights Duisburg dismal record – Sohu 华北科技学院是几本

2016025 key reminder: Winning color douisburg dismal record – Sohu         1. VS   Frankfurt Hamburg       4 10 in the penultimate Frankfurt crazy lost 6, but each have a goal. This season home court can still draw with Bayern, Wolfsburg win. But in the face of the central integration team won a fierce.         the visiting team did not run away from the relegation zone; the road record was moderate. There is a need to pay attention to, in the past 10 games, the home team advantage 5 wins 3 flat 2 negative, including home court 3 wins 1 flat 1 negative.         2. St. Pauli against FSV Frankfurt         the game is probably the Danma, ranked fourth, distance second only 2 points behind, there is a hope in this field is red, fight in the end. This season only lost 3 games at home, and also defeated the top three teams.         FSV Frankfurt is on the downgrade edge, a little careless will fall, nearly 7 lost 2 draws 4 games.         the two teams played 6 times in St. Pauli home court, home 4 wins 2 flat unbeaten record!         3. Leipzig Red Bull vs Berlin League         the home team leading 6 points ranked first, behind the play normal basic lock 1 promotion. This season has lost only 3 games, there are 2 lost to St. Pauli, 12 wins 5 flat field. Nearly 12 crazy won 10 games, home court is three straight, nearly 8 wins 7!         Leipzig Red Bull wins this season only 6 times zero closure opponents, love 1:0 and 2:1     time!     Berlin Central League, no desire no, this does not have too much blocking. The two teams fought 3 times, 1 wins, 1 draws and 1 losses. None of them took advantage.         vs 4.     Duisburg Feierte;     this may be a steady gallbladder all thought. The visiting team ranked first, and nearly 10 times against 5 wins 2 flat 3 negative fvrth, including 3 wins 0 flat 1 negative home court.         but note, Fuerth 3 consecutive home court defeat, but in the face of relegation, it does not fear.       &nbs. 胜负彩2016025期重点提醒:杜伊斯堡战绩惨淡-搜狐       1.法兰克福VS汉堡        倒数第4的法兰克福近10场疯狂输掉6场,但每场都有进球。本赛季主场还算可以,逼平拜仁、赢沃尔夫斯堡。但面对中部积分的球队胜绩惨烈。        客队并未逃离降级区,客场战绩还算中等。有一点需留意,在近10次交锋中,主队占尽优势5胜3平2负,其中主场3胜1平1负。        2.圣保利对阵FSV法兰克福        本场比赛或许是胆码,主队排名第4,距离第2仅有2分差距,有冲甲希望,本场势必拼到底。本赛季主场仅仅输了3场,还战胜了前三名的球队。        FSV法兰克福处于降级边缘,稍有不慎就会掉落,近7个客场输2个平局4场。        在圣保利主场两队交手6次,主队保持4胜2平的不败战绩!        3.莱比锡红牛 vs 柏林联盟        主队目前领先6分排名第一,后面发挥正常可基本锁定1个升级名额。本赛季仅仅输3场,竟然有2次是输给圣保利,赢12场平5场。近12场疯狂赢下10场,主场更是三连胜,近8场赢7个!        莱比锡红牛本赛季连胜仅有6次零封对手,喜欢1:0和2:1的波胆!        柏林联盟排名中部,无欲无求,本场并不会有太大阻击。两队交锋3次,1胜1平1负,谁都没有占便宜。        4.菲尔特 vs 杜伊斯堡        这或许又是一场所有人以为的稳胆。客队排名倒数第1,且近10次对阵菲尔特5胜2平3负,其中主场3胜0平1负。        但需要注意,菲尔特连续3场主场败北,但面对保级球队时,它并不怵。        客队本赛季客场从未胜利,而且输9场平1场,战绩非常惨淡!        5.博洛尼亚 vs 尤文图斯        斑马军团各项赛事13连胜,其中包括干掉那不勒斯、罗马、国米、拉齐奥等强队。客场更是6连胜,其中10场零封对手,目前连续8场零封对手。        尤文排名第一,但仅仅领先第2的那不勒斯1分而已,本场誓死会发力。近10次交手,博洛尼亚 1胜4平5负,其中主场0胜2平2负。近5次交手全部输给尤文!        6.莱万特 vs 赫塔菲        又是倒数第一!主队目前排名虽然副班长,但仅仅落后上面3-4个胜差,还有希望扳回。        莱万特客场战绩极其差劲,但本赛季主场只输6个,赢3场平4个,并不是非常差。        赫塔菲虽然不在降级区,但客场本赛季仅仅赢1次平2次竟然输掉9场!        两队近20次交锋,莱万特4胜8平8负,其中主场2胜6平2负。        7.波尔多 vs 尼斯        目前主队升级无望,保级无忧,但扮演了阻击角色。客队排名第3,有升级希望,本场势必会发疯进攻取胜!        尼斯客场战绩难以恭维,近7场输3个平4场!但近10场交锋, 波尔多4胜2平4负,其中主场1胜2平2负。尤其是屈年9月份,尼斯6:1横扫波尔多,本场比赛或许是主队最大复仇的念头!        8.欧塞尔 vs 阿雅克肖        两队目前不上不下,主队还有点希望冲击第3,但情况不乐观。        本赛季主队主场异常凶悍,连续6场无败绩,且对靠后的球队战绩非常乐观!        阿雅克斯是个平局大师,近19场比赛多达9个平局,尤其是客场竟然7场平局5个。        两队在欧塞尔主场交手6次,主队4胜2平0负!        9.南锡 vs 巴黎FC        疯狂的倒数第一再次出现,客队目前基本锁定1个降级名额,而主队也基本锁定一个升级名额。        南锡近20个比赛11胜7平2负,其中主场7胜1平1负,难见的凶悍!        客队之所以排名倒数第1,是因近20个比赛竟然无一胜绩,9平11负,其中客场0胜3平6负。        10.克莱蒙特 vs 尼奥尔        主队典型的主场龙客场虫,本赛季主场仅仅输2次,赢8场。        客队目前并没有逃离降级区,只领先2分而已,或许会拼命!        客队目前连续6场无一胜绩,但在近8次和主队交锋中,胜2次平局6次,优势明显!        11.伊维恩 vs 布尔格        主队近10场比赛仅仅赢2次,输掉足足5场,而且有4次未进1球。        客队战斗力同样欠缺,近10个客场输掉5个,有4场未进1球。        12.索肖 vs 朗斯        主队目前倒数第2,但近10个主场仅仅输掉2个,平局惊现5个。        朗斯可是不好惹,近10个客场5胜3平2负。        最主要的:两队近10次交锋,索肖2胜2平6负,其中主场1胜1平3负。        13.布雷斯特 vs 红星93        客队目前排名第4,会极力争取名次,近20个比赛10胜7平3负,其中客场5胜5平1负,战绩非常硬!        主队目前无欲无求,近20个主场比赛9胜7平3负,相当了得。        两队第一次交手,红星93在主场1:0小胜!        14.图尔斯 vs 瓦朗谢纳        这两只队伍目前无所求,图尔斯近20个主场8胜7平5负,其中有6次零封对手,特喜欢1:0的比分!        客队并不十分保险保级,近10个客场才赢2次,还有5个平局,非常差劲。        两队只打过3次,图尔斯2胜1平0负,其中主场1胜0平0负。相关的主题文章:

Central bank data fund stocks become three largest investment in Beijing residents 狂野未婚夫

Central bank data: real estate fund stock into Beijing residents three investment Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money source: Beijing daily newspaper news (reporter Fan Xiao) released the third quarter of this year, Beijing City, 1400 urban depositors survey on the business management department of the people’s Bank of China before. The survey report shows that in the current prices and interest rates, 34.5% of the residents tend to more investment, an increase of 0.9 percentage points compared with the previous quarter; 27.4% of the residents tend to more spending, a decrease of 0.1 percentage points compared with the previous quarter; 38.1% of the residents tend to more savings, reduced by 0.8 percentage points from the previous season. Although nearly 40% of the residents tend to "more savings" accounted for the bulk, but it is easy to see, more and more residents began to pay attention to investment and financing. Among them, from the investment point of view, Beijing residents preferred the top three investment in the fund, financial products "," stock "and" real estate ", the proportion was 34.3%, 19.5% and 17.6%. In terms of residents’ willingness to invest, investment in residential and financial products has increased. Data show that the three quarter choice of investment fund, financial products "the most cost-effective compared with the previous quarter, the proportion of residents increased by 3 percentage points, an increase of top; bond investment enthusiasm decline this season" (the choice of investment bonds bonds, corporate bonds) "the most cost-effective compared with the previous quarter, the proportion of residents reduced by 4.1 percentage points, a decline. Although more and more people are keen on investment, the residents who are inclined to save still occupy the majority. Investigation shows, from the main purpose of saving, the top three in turn is "disease or accident prevention unemployment pension needs", "education" and "buy (construction) or housing decoration", the proportion was 52.1%, 39.4% and 27.9%. It is worth noting that the changes in the amplitude, the savings for pension, disease prevention, prevention of unemployment or accident to urgent need "compared with the previous quarter, an increase of 8.4 percentage points, an increase of. Behind the will of residents to buy, buy and buy is the personal experience of increasing income. Survey shows that in the three quarter of this year, residents’ current income perception index was 48.8, up 0.5 percentage points compared with the previous quarter. Among them, 12.6% of the residents believe that the current monthly household income than 3 months ago, an increase of 1.3 percentage points lower than the previous quarter. In addition, the confidence index for future income growth of the next quarter rose 3.9 points to 51.6 over the previous quarter. Among them, 16.1% of the residents believe that the family income will increase in the next 3 months, an increase of 3.7 percentage points compared with the previous quarter. In terms of price, the data show that the current price satisfaction index of residents is 18.8, 1.2 points lower than the previous quarter. Among them, 64.4% of the residents believe that the current price level "high, difficult to accept", compared with the previous season increased by 1.4 percentage points. For the next quarter, the residents’ future price expectations index fell 0.3 points to 68.3 from the previous quarter. Among them, 39.1% of the residents expected the next quarter price level will rise, 1.4 percentage points lower than the previous quarter. Enter Sina Financial shares

央行数据:基金股票房产成北京居民三大投资 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新股申购:股市最简单捡钱方式   来源:北京日报   本报讯(记者 范晓)中国人民银行营业管理部日前发布今年第三季度北京市1400户城镇储户问卷调查。调查报告显示,在当前物价和利率水平下,34.5%的居民倾向于“更多投资”,较上季增加0.9个百分点;27.4%的居民倾向于“更多消费”,较上季减少0.1个百分点;38.1%的居民倾向于“更多储蓄”,较上季减少0.8个百分点。虽然近四成居民倾向“更多储蓄”占大头,但不难看出,越来越多的居民开始重视投资理财。   其中,从投资选择来看,北京居民偏爱的前三位投资方式依次为“基金、理财产品”、“股票”和“房地产”,选择的比例分别为34.3%、19.5%和17.6%。在居民投资意愿变动情况方面,居民基金、理财产品投资热情上升。数据显示,三季度选择投资“基金、理财产品”最合算的居民比例较上季增加3个百分点,增幅居首;债券投资热情下降,本季选择投资“债券(国债、企业债等)”最合算的居民比例较上季减少4.1个百分点,降幅居首。   虽然越来越多的居民热衷投资,但目前倾向储蓄的居民依旧占大头。调查显示,从居民储蓄的主要目的和用途看,排在前三位的依次是“养老防病防失业或意外急需”、“教育费”和“买(建)房或装修”,选择的比例分别为52.1%、39.4%和27.9%。值得注意的是,在变动幅度方面,储蓄用于“养老、防病、防失业或意外急需”目的较上季增加8.4个百分点,增幅居首。   居民“买买买”意愿的背后是对收入增加的切身感受。调查显示,今年三季度,居民当期收入感受指数为48.8,较上季上升0.5个百分点。其中,12.6%的居民认为当前家庭月收入比3个月前“增加”,较上季减少1.3个百分点。此外,对下季度,居民未来收入增长信心指数较上季上升3.9点至51.6。其中,16.1%的居民认为未来3个月家庭月收入将“增加”,较上季增加3.7个百分点。   在物价方面,数据显示,居民当期物价满意指数为18.8,较上季下降1.2点。其中,64.4%的居民认为当前物价水平“高,难以接受”,较上季增加1.4个百分点。对下季度,居民未来物价预期指数较上季下降0.3点至68.3。其中,39.1%的居民预期下季物价水平将“上升”,较上季减少1.4个百分点。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Yuho discovered the ghost car orders quickly after the end of the trip the driver head of terror 封神之黄天化

Yuho discovered: Ghost car orders quickly after the end of the trip the driver head terror is now much better step "ghost train": orders quickly after the end of the trip, the driver head terrorist surging news reporter Xu Yanqian in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the country appeared yuho "ghost car". The vehicle driver’s head photos are ghastly, not contact passengers after picking up, not to pick up, pick up quickly began to travel, less than a minute to end the journey. In September 18th, yuho relevant responsible person told the surging news (reporter), "ghost train" by scalping driver caused by "passengers who encounter similar problems, can be directly with the customer feedback, for the resulting fare, customer service and technical departments will operate in a full refund as soon as possible after verification." An online car platform manager believes that the emergence of "ghost car" once again explained that the network about car platform audit identity exist in name only, the relevant regulatory details to be released. Recently, a number of users drying out yuho client stroke shots, encountered a "ghost train" said: excellent step after the driver orders, not to contact passengers, not to pick up passengers, and not to the car before the passengers, quickly began to travel, not a minute to complete the trip, then direct debit the fare of 10 yuan in general. Even more creepy, the driver of these "ghost cars", almost all head portraits, photos distorted, pale, black lips, the driver’s phone is also impossible to get through, many passengers have been frightened by the photos of these heads. Surging news reporters in Shanghai repeatedly try to experience, have not called "ghost car", but more than friends reflect Shanghai has appeared similar excellent step "ghost car"". "The above case is caused by the driver’s brushing behavior." In September 18th, the relevant person in charge responded to the "ghost car" incident. In order to ensure the fairness and justice of the platform and ensure the interests of the passengers and drivers, he will continue to use technology to crack down on this kind of behavior, and actively collect all kinds of evidence, transmit it to the public security department, and put the lawless elements on the law. At the same time, to remind the relevant driver, Beijing and Shanghai were the court verdict on the net about car scalping case involved due to fraud, the highest jailed for a year. If passengers encounter similar problems, you can directly with the customer feedback, for the resulting fare, customer service and technical departments will be fully refund after verification as soon as possible." The person in charge mentioned above. No call and step, passengers encounter similar incidents, by mail complaints, also can be in the self-service operation client: open the client to find you the trip problem, click the "need help", select "feedback" associated with the owners, click "my reservation on vehicle ride, but failed to" submit your the problem, excellent step verification will refund to passengers. "First of all, even online registration, platform audit is not strict, there are false drivers and false license plate, the actual operation of passengers should be immediately complaints, excellent step online complaints function. Excellent step after receipt of complaints should be closed accounts. From the screenshot point of view, basically 1 star driver, indicating that just registered, did not receive any list, if it is for a few dollars, it seems not worth it." theory

优步惊现幽灵车:接单后迅速结束行程 司机头像恐怖   多地现优步“幽灵车”:接单后迅速结束行程,司机头像恐怖   澎湃新闻记者 徐燕倩   中秋小长假里,全国多地出现优步“幽灵车”。这些车辆司机头像照片阴森恐怖,接单后不联系乘客,不来接应,接单迅速开始行程,不到一分钟结束行程。   9月18日,优步相关负责人告诉澎湃新闻()记者,“幽灵车”由司机刷单所致,“乘客若碰到类似问题,可直接跟客服反馈,对于因此而产生的车费,客服与技术部门在尽快核实后将操作全额退款。”一名网络约车平台管理人员认为,“幽灵车”的出现再一次说明网约车平台审核身份形同虚设,相关监管细则有待发布。   近日,多名网友晒出了优步客户端的行程截图,表示遇到了“幽灵车”:优步司机接单后,不联系乘客、不来接乘客,且车还没有到乘客面前,就迅速开始行程,并不到一分钟就完成了行程,然后直接扣款,车费一般在10元左右。更令人毛骨悚然的是,点开这些“幽灵车”司机的头像,几乎都是头像照片扭曲变形、面色苍白、嘴唇发黑,司机的电话也是永远打不通,不少乘客都表示被这些头像照片吓到。   澎湃新闻记者在上海多次尝试体验,都没有叫到“幽灵车”,但多名网友反映上海已经出现了类似的优步“幽灵车”。   “上述案例是由司机刷单行为所导致。”9月18日,优步相关负责人对“幽灵车”事件给出回复。   优步称,将持续通过技术打击该类行为,同时积极收集各类证据,转交公安部门,将不法分子绳之于法,以确保平台的公平、公正,充分保障乘客和司机的利益。同时,提醒相关司机,北京、上海两地法院分别就网约车刷单案进行宣判,涉事人员因诈骗罪最高获刑一年。   “乘客若碰到类似问题,可直接跟客服反馈,对于因此而产生的车费,客服与技术部门在尽快核实后将操作全额退款。”上述负责人表示。   优步没有客服电话,乘客遇到类似事件,可以通过邮件投诉,也可以在客户端自助操作:打开客户端找到你出现问题的那一趟行程,点击“需要帮助”,选择“与车主相关的反馈”,点击“我预约了车辆但未能坐上车”,提交你的问题,优步核实后会退款给乘客。   “首先,就算是线上注册,平台审核不严出现了假司机和假车牌的情况,实际运营中乘客应该马上进行投诉,优步有在线投诉功能。优步接到投诉后应该会查封账号。从截图来看,基本上都是1星的司机,说明刚注册,还没接什么单子,如果就为了几块钱,好像也不值得。”一名网络约车平台管理人员认为,这些“幽灵车”司机主要用于接刷单客自己发出的单子,直接套取平台的奖励和优惠券,“如果被真实乘客发现以前能刷几单子,那收益也不少了。无论怎样都暴露出平台的审核机制漏洞,再一次说明网约车平台审核身份形同虚设。网约车的相关监管细则仍有待发布。”   来源:澎湃新闻 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

宝能最后一次增持万科时 纳妾迎福

The treasure for the first time to respond to tight money holdings Vanke will abide by the laws and regulations: Hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulation trading client Sina Level2:A shares Sina speed Kanpan finance client: the most profitable investors are using [reading] media said Boland Department tight money holdings Vanke Yao Zhenhua consider how to retreat Wanbao dispute: new window open capital merger Boland capital chain information times suspense (reporter Lin Zhiyin) in the year before the Spring Festival holiday, the market has been rumored treasure to tight money holdings of vanke. In response to the rumor, Bao can respond for the first time yesterday, saying it will comply with relevant laws and regulations". Bao Bao’s Qianhai life insurance related departments responded publicly yesterday: "laws and regulations on the reduction of possession of relevant provisions, the company comply with national laws and regulations."." From the above response, whether treasure will reduce Vanke, the current attitude is not yet clear. Prior to the market rumors, Treasure Department of the capital chain increasingly tense, treasure has agreed to withdraw from the position of the largest shareholder of Vanke retreat, reduce part of the shares, positioned as financial investors. In addition, some reports said that Yao Zhenhua, the actual controller of Bao energy department, has decided to reduce part of Vanke shares. The day before the relevant announcement shows Vanke, Bao can last 170000, in December 24, 2015. As of December 24, 2015, the Department of energy shares Vanke shares of 24.26% of the total. According to the regulations, holding more than 5% of the shareholders cannot be two-way trade in 6 months, to treasure holdings Vanke, also need to wait until after June 24th. Vanke continued to postpone the resumption of management, as well as the market continued to fall in the background, this lever placards Vanke treasure can, the pressure is not small. And since the resumption of Vanke H-share shares since January 6th, up to yesterday afternoon, the share price has fallen by more than 3 into many, which will undoubtedly cause pressure on Vanke A share price. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

宝能首度回应资金吃紧减持万科:将遵守法律法规 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   【相关阅读】媒体称宝能系资金吃紧将减持万科 姚振华考虑如何撤退   万宝之争:打开资本并购新窗口 宝能资金链悬疑   信息时报讯 (记者 林志吟) 在猴年春节放假前,市场上已有传言称宝能资金吃紧将减持万科。针对该传言,宝能昨日首度进行回应,称将“遵守相关法律法规”。   宝能旗下前海人寿相关部门昨日公开回应称:“法律法规对减持有相关规定,公司遵守国家法律法规。”从上述回应看,宝能是否会减持万科,目前态度仍未明确。   此前市场传言称,宝能系的资金链愈发紧张,宝能已同意从万科第一大股东的位置上退下,减持部分股份,定位为财务投资者。另外,有报道称,宝能系实际控制人姚振华已经决定减持部分万科股份。   万科日前披露的相关公告显示,宝能最后一次增持万科时,是在2015年12月24日前。截至2015年12月24日,宝能系合计持股万科24.26%的股权。依据规定,持股5%以上的股东在6个月内不能进行双向交易,宝能要减持万科,也需要等到6月24日后。   在万科管理层不断延期复牌,以及大盘持续下挫的背景之下,这对杠杆举牌万科的宝能而言,压力着实不小。而万科H股股票自1月6日复牌以来,截至昨日下午收盘,股价已累计跌去3成多,这也无疑将对万科A股股价造成压力。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: