CF hand Tour Super combat week on October 8th to start on time – People’s network game

CF Mobile Games super battle week of October 8th start on time — game original title: CF Mobile Games super battle week of October 8th CF Mobile Games will start on time in October from October 8th officially launched the "super battle week" activities, to battle activity rules and lucrative activity packs unique, in the same shooting game, game player to bring more shooting experience. During the campaign launched a special drill enjoy experience activities, players will bring a variety of powerful weapons to enhance the combat effectiveness of players. Game player only need to consume 1 diamonds, which have the opportunity to experience the thunder blade, Cheyenne artillery and other advanced weapons. In addition to a special drilling experience, game player can also be done via the specified pattern on the game, won the silver bullet, which converted the weapon components, the final exchange Libra weapons. In the event, in addition to October 22nd will usher in the Super League finals, open the country is still hot, game player can enter the wonderful event page within the game to participate in the registration, feeling more intense competitive fingertips. The super battle week will also open the second National College League registration, more red envelopes to share the benefits of the activities of the players waiting for more information to pay attention to the official news. More information about the game please pay attention to TechWeb hand travel information. (g) (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: