Challenge Huang Xiaoming no bottom line of the collapse of the world outlook of Liu Ye-66814

"Challenge" Huang Xiaoming Liu Ye "not the bottom line of our view of the world collapse challenge" information times dispatch (reporter Cai Mujia) from "the great challenge" turned into "our challenge", hosts (MC) lineup also suffered a big shake, from last season’s familiar face, Ethan Ruan [micro-blog] Sha Yi [micro-blog], Yue Yunpeng [micro-blog] partner "new" Huang Xiaoming [micro-blog], Liu Ye [micro-blog], Joker [micro-blog]. Yesterday, the program held a press conference in Shanghai, in addition to Sha Yi failed to work due to the presence of other five people were present. About the recording of the hardships, the old MC are big sigh is not easy, but still hold; in contrast, the new MC have been tortured complain incessantly. It is understood that "our challenge" in December 4th will be landing in Jiangsu TV broadcasting [micro-blog]. Challenge the bottom line there is no star treatment although the six Star program is based in MC, but "we challenge" director Chen Di has said, never take this program as a reality TV star, but the star to participate in the mission "as a human, or how can let them sit for 48 hours of hard seat train, how to make them in place of ten degrees of camping in the open." Before recording, the program group conducted a comprehensive understanding of several kinds of MC, learned their weaknesses, then each part of the game for design. But Chen explained that these MC are a challenge, not a spoof". Although it is the first time as a permanent resident of the reality show, but also because the elderly become the six MC boss, but in the program, Huang Xiaoming did not star treatment. He was exposed during the recording of a group of people were suddenly put on the show group, the bus, tired and hungry, air conditioning and particularly cold, I also took off his socks off the air conditioning vents." He even complained, "this program, it should be called" we do not have the bottom line "." As everyone knows, the actual height of Huang Xiaoming in the circle has been a mystery. How tall is Huang Xiaoming, perhaps Yue Yunpeng knows? According to Huang Xiaoming revealed that this is the first time and the cooperation of Yue Yunpeng, "the first sentence of the small Yue Yue said, ‘yo, brother, you are quite tall’." All trap Liu Ye complaint "world outlook collapse" recorded before "the great challenge" let Yue Yunpeng eat a lot of pain, but yesterday he said confidently, "this year’s body is better than last year, resisting ability is stronger." On the contrary, after Liu Yelu finished the show, the world outlook has collapsed. VCR in his first challenge to participate in outdoor reality show "fun", feel the scene he appeared, added, "(program) weird, not personnel", "I think this program is everywhere trap, everywhere hidden mystery. The first time I met the director Chen, think he is nothing but a scholar, a book, very good, but really finish a future world outlook will collapse." But he also stressed that the program is to ensure that the guests are not in the case of danger, we play in the end." No matter Joker hungry to eat and drink too much urine in a variety program called "Joker variety Master", but this time he would call "I recorded the most)相关的主题文章: