Changan Grand Theatre to celebrate 20 years of the new net – back-rainlendar

Changan Grand Theatre to celebrate the reopening 20 years – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Xu Haozhe) in the 15 years after the closure, relocation, the original Xidan at the Changan theater in September 27, 1996 moved to Jianguomen in the back street. The day before yesterday, the Changan Grand Theatre in reopening 20 years birthday. That night, Zhao Baoxiu, Tan Xiaoceng, Li Hongtu, Chi Xiaoqiu and many other opera starred in the classic drama "dragon and phoenix", to celebrate the birthday of Changan grand theatre. A heavy, Changan Grand Theatre, according to the views of the audience first launched in the drama "White Snake Legend" "plum blossom rhyme" and other operas, the theater every day, every day has kicked off the show, hit fame, sing warm scene, gathered popularity. Then with the outstanding national opera actor graduate class jointly launched the "graduate class performance concert", the new generation of performers are eager to show their students in the class of carefully crafted traditional classical repertoire. Since then, Changan Grand Theatre, become the country’s many new generation stars shine position. In 20 years, the Changan Grand Theatre for 7373 performances, 4 million 350 thousand people received the audience, there are 45 types, more than 100 thousand actors left the art style in this arena. Let the audience feel the most affordable and intimate, is two times a month Sunday morning show "into the Changan opera door" amateur association, from various provinces and cities nationwide fans travel here made a significant skill to wish.相关的主题文章: