Changan Mazda small press Summer Camp Camp fiery car – Sohu aspack

Changan Mazda "small press" summer camp fiery camp – Sohu in August 23rd – 24, jointly organized and sponsored by the Changan Mazda and the "Nanjing morning news" reporter summer camp "in the Mazda factory in Changan fiery opening. From 28 primary schools in Nanjing, more than 60 small reporters into the production line workshop, a small vision to witness the big manufacturing". Children’s world is always full of magical imagination, the exploration of the unknown is always a strong curiosity. Why does the car move? How did the car come out? These problems have been lingering in their minds. With these they have grown up with doubt, reporters came to Changan in the best of spirits in Mazda factory assembly workshop. Automated production line and intelligent robot to let reporters eye-opening, a car from a simple framework to assemble more than 6000 parts, and then rolled off the production line, assembly process precision, compact let reporters dizzying. This is their first time to watch the car production, childhood on the car’s infinite reverie here finally got the answer. In Changan Mazda R & D center, a small reporter and research and development staff conducted a lively interactive Q & A. How far can a car run?" What is the maximum speed of the car?" How does a car engine work?" What is the secret of the car color?" The simple question is the children’s infinite love for cars and the thirst for knowledge. With a good picture of the car, the small reporters with a brush depicts their vision of the future of the car vision. Zoom-Zoom, all the kids know it, it is the children imitate the sound of the engine roar, but also the essence of Mazda brand. As we grow older, only a few people remember it. In the language of adults, it is used to express the extreme pleasure and release of dynamic, Changan Mazda hope that every car out of the factory, can make people think of childhood desire for speed and dreams. Carries the dream of exploring the unknown, this is a small reporter who’s duty, also Changan Mazda heart in the automobile market in the tide of a stick. In Changan, Mazda seems to be a small reporter walked into the factory, zero distance watch car production, not only to broaden their knowledge, but also help them grow. Read ten thousand books, traveling thousands of miles, majestic and grand Changan Mazda children broaden their horizons of heaven, should move is the practice of corporate social responsibility. More business and product information, please visit the official website of Changan Mazda:相关的主题文章: