Children’s home appliances set off a small industry sales standards to be improved roxane hayward

Children’s home appliances set off a small industry sales standards to be improved source: Ningxia daily is the first quarter of the year, the home appliance market set off a small upsurge in children’s home appliance sales. The industry to remind consumers, children should not only look at appearance is consistent with the home appliances theme of children to children’s health care and protection of children’s safety in the first place. The current situation of children’s home appliance sales season in August 22nd, the reporter visited Yinchuan many stores found that in addition to the children’s television, air conditioning, washing machine for children children are more traditional, yet the rise of children’s special barber, juicer, smart watches, milk, egg, stuffy mites, intelligent electric mosquito, parent-child barber children’s exclusive appliances. Regardless of the physical store or shop, children’s home appliances has become a recent hot promotional. Reporters in Yinchuan Xinhua Street, a few large home appliance stores to see, a lot of counters are placed on the cartoon style children’s home appliances, a wide variety. Many adult appliances also added conducive to children’s health functions, such as variable frequency fan breeze gear, electric cooker "infant food supplement function". Ma said the public: fast school, the daughter to buy a special washing machine for children, specifically to wash her clothes. It is said that the depth of intelligent module sterilization, cleaning power is much stronger than ordinary washing machine." Compared to ordinary appliances, children’s electricity prices. For example, an infant washing machine for more than 4000 yuan, compared with the other brands of washing machine price of less than $one thousand or two thousand. Some sterilizer, barber, electric cooker, cooking machine, as long as with "children" two words, the price is much higher. The trend of market segmentation in Yinchuan reflects the trend of a large shopping mall sales manager said that the children’s products has been the industry focus, the home appliance industry has also launched a number of products and related appliances for children. With the advent of the school season, children’s home appliances into the hot promotional period, better market response. Insiders said that the home appliance products for children to join the design features and elements, is to improve the level of people’s consumption, market segmentation trend. With the upgrading of personalized demand, the development of household electrical appliances more and more refined, scientific and technological, high-end. It is understood that the current domestic children’s home appliance industry is in its infancy, manufacturers launched a number of products to adapt to the market to test the water. Children’s home appliance is not only in the title and appearance of the article, should pay more attention to product health, intelligent function research and development. Consider the industry testing standards to be perfect to play children’s brand of small appliances, really worthy of it? Products to add a special design features and elements to enhance the enthusiasm of children to participate in life, it is worth investing, as a gift to inspire children." Yinchuan people Chen said. Ms. Wang said, playing children gimmick, to ordinary appliances wear fashion children’s clothing, exaggerating the actual effect, the function is not the same as ordinary household appliances. The child is going to buy a children’s TV, it is said that there are a lot of eye protection function and learning content, but the use of these features will inevitably extend the time to watch TV, which is inconsistent with the eye care". According to the survey, at this stage, children’s home appliances are mainly focused on the packaging of the functional concept, the overall concept of the first, practical newspaper相关的主题文章: