China Merchants Bank Nanning branch to carry out 2016 financial knowledge campaign-melia kreiling

China Merchants Bank Nanning branch to carry out the 2016 financial knowledge campaign to further increase financial knowledge and education efforts to improve public financial literacy. In late September, China Merchants Bank Nanning branch in the Mixc to carry out financial knowledge intensive activities, the daily life needs to understand the financial knowledge to the majority of consumers. The staff uniform dress, wearing a ribbon, the popularity of financial knowledge through issuing brochures, staff explained, scan code answer, issuing brochures etc., to help the general public to further improve risk awareness and prevention capabilities. During the publicity, members of the public have been asked for anti counterfeit counterfeit identification, I prepared a variety of promotional coupon of RMB banknote comparison site experience to prevent counterfeit and propaganda, the main characteristics, counterfeit crime tactic and preventive measures to inform the public. In addition, the site also received consultation on anti money laundering knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, credit loan prevention network and Telecommunications fraud and other financial knowledge. The event enriched the public financial knowledge, improve the ability to identify and prevent financial risks, and effectively promote the social harmony and stability, by the masses. China Merchants Bank has always attached great importance to financial knowledge propaganda, conscientiously fulfill their social responsibilities, work in the future, China Merchants Bank will also further to the network as the main propaganda position, active public financial knowledge popularization. To build a good faith, peace and harmony of the financial consumer environment to contribute!相关的主题文章: