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China pack three floor and Ukraine banned outsiders into the dismal sales 66 yuan tickets – Orangemen for Uzbekistan sports Sohu Gao Hongbo mused somber in Uzbekistan football association public offering on October 11th Russia World Cup Asian zone 1 hours team Uzbekistan 12 strong match and China team tickets, carrying Chinese bus arrived in Uzbekistan’s Radisson Hotel Tashkent resident. Beijing time yesterday at noon, in the foot line on a chartered flight from Xi’an, after more than 5 hours of flight, they at 2 p.m. local time to arrive in Uzbekistan the capital city of Tashkent, the flight was later than the stated time more than 1 hours after the team arrived at the station the hotel is already 3:15 in the afternoon. Beijing Youth Daily reporter on the scene saw, in addition to about 20 domestic media reporters Dunshou outside the Radisson Hotel did not appear a fan. Reporters have been unable to enter the hotel to wait, this is because the hotel should be requested by the Chinese team before this, in addition to the entry of any person other than the tenant. A hotel staff to the North Green newspaper reporter revealed that the Chinese team under the package of 3 floors of the hotel, the hotel will be upgraded to the highest level of security today." BYD reporter saw through the glass, the restaurant staff in the team before the arrival of busy to China catering team. It is understood that the China Football Association distinguished chef has arrived earlier in Tashkent for the team of Chinese cooking. A team sources, taking into account the actual needs of the players, the Orangemen arrived at the hotel after the first meal of meat into the food with chicken and other meat. In recent days, Tashkent daytime temperature maintained at 25 degrees Celsius, the breeze was blowing, make the body feel doubly comfortable, but all this does not seem to get rid of Chinese team marshals dignified. From the car down the Chinese team members, either as head of the China Football Association executive committee Yu Hongchen, full-time coach Gao Hongbo, or the players face reporters almost even intended to avoid the media not to utter a single word, even in the face of the lens, reporters familiar friends, they are just a nod. Accumulated yellow card suspension defender Zhang Lin? The most difficult time in the team, and the Olympic team together. Although the trip to Tashkent was late, the Chinese team decided to arrange a ball training session yesterday. In front of the media reporters invariably feel, and now the Chinese team has returned to some kind of heavy preparation rhythm. Landing in almost Chinese Team Charter Tashkent, Uzbekistan Football Association officially on sale in October 11th Ukraine, tickets to the game, this game price mostly unified 30 thousand Kisumu, according to the latest official exchange rate, or about 66 yuan, the price than the Chinese team 12 match home court game several hundred dollars or even a far cry from the thousand yuan fare. But even if the fare is relatively low, Tashkent is currently the world cup atmosphere does not seem so strong. Uzbekistan, Tashkent News correspondent Xiao Nan相关的主题文章: