China Wuxi Hongshan Town of things networking planning conference held in the New District

Chinese? Wuxi Hongshan networking conference in new town planning Wu District held the morning of November 1st, Chinese · Wuxi Hongshan networking conference held in the new town planning area of the new lake Wu Pullman hotel. Deputy Secretary of Wuxi Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Quan, Wuxi Municipal Government Secretary General Ye Qinliang, Wuxi high tech Zone Party committee secretary, director of the CMC, the new party secretary Wu Wei, hi tech Zone Party Working Committee, deputy director of the CMC, the New District Deputy Secretary, mayor Feng Xiaochun Wu, Wu Wuxi City New District People’s Congress Standing Committee Director Zhang Minglie; Wuxi city the new chairman of the CPPCC Liu Beihong Wu Wu District; new district government members of the team, the city and district departments responsible person, Hongshan street, Wu Boyuan company responsible person, the relevant business representatives and media reporters attended the ceremony. Conference live broadcast commercials in Wuxi Hongshan networking Town, Mayor Wang made a wonderful speech, Wu New District mayor Feng Xiaochun released a strategic planning Hongshan networking town. The intention of cooperation in the construction of party on behalf of HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd. Strategy Department, vice president of global smart city business department general manager Zheng Zhi Bin, China Telecom group networking branch general manager and Tianyi IOT Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Zhang Junhui, China Mobile Communications Group Jiangsu company group customer department deputy general manager Xu Xingsheng made a speech entitled "wisdom outlook", "perceived town vision all new connection, great wisdom", "from the town to the oneness of all things Internet –OneNET+ and Chong Hong Shan town" lectures. Wuxi high tech industrial base of the Internet of things deep, is the core area and the main position of the national innovation demonstration area of Wuxi sensor network. At present, the high-tech zones have been built sensor network industrial park, innovation park, information service park, University Park of science and technology and Sensor Network Application Exhibition Center, gathered more than 1 thousand and 100 things enterprises, networking and public technology platform 15, more than 50 thousand professionals networking, to achieve industrial revenue of over thousand billion yuan. Hung Hill is located in the eastern part of Wuxi high tech Zone, known as the "Wu Yue, Taber’s hometown, the ancient state, and culture of the town, academician town" reputation, is always flowing with "innovation, Suntech, Chongwen comity and valuing" culture. Hong Shan planning and construction of the town of things is mainly because of the superior location conditions, a long history and culture, beautiful natural environment and favorable industrial base. According to the plan, Hongshan Town things will be "inheritance of Wu culture, for thousands of years to open the new era of things" as the theme, "the development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing" to lead to networking innovation industrial area, development zone, network technology advance networking application demonstration pilot goals for the District, building a people-oriented, global awareness, universal development in Internet, intelligent fusion, in the town of sustainable wisdom. The layout of the town of things overall idea of "hierarchical planning, spatial resonance", namely: leading industry, global linkage; integration of urban and rural areas, regional interaction; the wisdom of life, the core of the first move. The first phase will cover the construction of intelligent data systems, intelligent transportation systems, intelligent travel systems, intelligent medical systems, intelligent agricultural systems, intelligent community systems, such as six modules. The core area of the town of things started by the Wuxi Wu Culture Expo park construction and Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for the development and construction.相关的主题文章: