China’s outbound travel continues to be hot and the ASEAN customs has gradually become a new favorit-onavo protect

China outbound continued hot "ASEAN customs" gradually become the new favorite fantasy style Matera, Vietnam romantic trip to Nha Trang and searching for the mysterious Kampuchea…… Outbound tourism is still in 2016 "eleven Golden Week" trend, and with the increasingly convenient traffic, "The Belt and Road" construction, have unique tropical countries of ASEAN outbound tourism to become the "favorite", popular with tourists Chinese. China Tourism Research Institute and a travel network recently released the "2016" eleven "tourism trend report and the popularity ranking list". The report says nearly eleven of the Chinese people travel abroad this year, becoming the most frequent golden week in the history of domestic travel. The expected number of outbound tourists in the golden week is expected to be close to 6 million, a record high. In recent days, many travel agencies in Lanzhou, such as Thailand, Korea and Malaysia, are Gansu’s "eager" tourist destinations, while Vietnam and Kampuchea are the "dark horse" of popular tourist destinations in recent years. Gansu Kang Hui International Travel Agency Limited company manager Wang Ping introduction, the travel agency launched Thai Thai Thai joy, freedom, enjoy a different experience, new ways to subvert the past, "while Thailand tour prices increased, but the opening of the direct flights, Thailand island scenery, visitors are still more". In recent years, the tourism of ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Kampuchea and other ASEAN countries has been "attracted much attention" and has gradually become a place of longing for Chinese tourists. Working in Lanzhou 80 workers Liu Mingjun will own holiday "to" Vietnam Nha Trang, Nha Trang has a small Maldives said, there is not water, dust clip ancient religious culture, the most important is the scenic area has not yet been developed as early as possible to experience the first degree ". A Angkor Wat is the "Arale _ goldfish" holiday journey, she shared with friends through the network in Kampuchea. The report also shows that South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, the United States, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Maldives and Russia become the top ten top destination countries in the national day’s outbound travel this year. Britain, Kampuchea and Russia have become the fastest growing destinations, up to 60%. Gansu province foreign trade business association in Malaysia chief representative He Ping analysis said that in recent years the number of tourists to Chinese ASEAN countries is growing rapidly, the first is the ASEAN outbound tourism products such as Malaysia, Thailand and other island tour product cost-effective, become a lot of travelers decompression choice; secondly, why people raise income levels, travel convenience and increase the flight, but also promote the ASEAN countries to become the most China outbound tourists first stop travel; in addition, with the "The Belt and Road" to promote the building of the interaction of government and ASEAN countries cooperation in the Chinese travel journey more closely, and the ASEAN region unique tropical and cultural customs, have become to attract tourists China the best tourist resort. He Ping also said that with more and more stars gathering in ASEAN countries in recent years, Chinese young people regard ASEAN countries as the destinations of honeymoon tour. "Post-80s" and "post-90s" have become the main force of outbound tourism.

中国出境游持续火热 “东盟风情”渐成新宠奇幻新马泰风情、越南芽庄浪漫之旅、追寻秘境柬埔寨……出境游仍是2016年“十一黄金周”的潮流,而随着交通日益便捷,“一带一路”建设的推进,让拥有独特热带风情的东盟国家成为出境游的“新宠”,颇受中国游客青睐。中国旅游研究院、某旅行网近日发布了《2016“十一”旅游趋势报告与人气排行榜》。该报告称,今年十一有将近一半中国人外出旅游,成为有史以来国内出游人次最多的黄金周;预计黄金周出境游人次预计将接近600万,创历史新高。连日来,兰州的多家旅行社,泰国、韩国、马来西亚等是甘肃“抢手”的旅游目的地,而“越南、柬埔寨”则是近年来热门旅游地的“黑马”。甘肃康辉国际旅行社有限公司经理王萍介绍,该旅行社推出泰欢乐、泰自由、泰尊享等不同体验之旅,颠覆过去的新玩法,“虽然泰国游的价格提高了,但直航的开通,泰国的海岛风光,前往的游客仍旧较多”。越南、柬埔寨等东盟国家旅游近年来“备受关注”,逐渐成为中国游客的向往之地。在兰州工作的“80后”上班族刘茗军便将自己的假期“留给”了越南芽庄,“芽庄有着小马尔代夫之称,有不夹灰尘的海水、古老的宗教文化,最重要的是该地景区目前还没有被大度开发,趁早先去体验”。密探吴哥窟则是网友“阿拉蕾_小金鱼”的假日旅途,她通过网络与朋友分享着在柬埔寨的点滴。该报告还显示,韩国、泰国、日本、印尼、美国、新加坡、越南、马来西亚、马尔代夫、俄罗斯成为今年国庆节出境游人气最高的前十大目的地国家。英国、柬埔寨、俄罗斯则成为热门目的地中增长最快的,增幅最高达60%以上。甘肃省对外贸易协会驻马来西亚商务代表处首席代表何平分析称,近年来中国游客赴东盟国家人数迅速增长,首先是东盟出境游产品如马来西亚、泰国等海岛游产品性价比高,成为了不少出行者减压的首选;其次,民众收入水平提高、旅游方便快捷、航班增加等原因,也促进了东盟国家成为多数中国游客出境游的第一站;另外,随着“一带一路”建设的推进,中国与东盟各国官方在旅游合作的互动更为密切,加之东盟地区独特的热带风情和人文风俗,都成为吸引中国游客的最佳旅游胜地。何平还称,随着近年来越来越多明星扎堆在东盟国家举办婚礼,中国年轻人将东盟国家作为蜜月游的目的地,“80后”、“90后”已成为出境游的“主力军”。相关的主题文章: