Chinese companies for the first time to participate in the depth of B20 contribution grassroots wisd tianbi

China enterprises for the first time to participate in B20 depth contribution "grassroots financial wisdom" – – if the G20 summit is to promote world economic growth of the top-level design, then formed by the business elite of the B20 summit is "primary crystallization of wisdom". As the main body of the micro economy and the "cell" of the national economy, the development of the enterprise is related to the vigor and vitality of the economic society. The face of the risk of global economic stall, not only need to coordinate macroeconomic policies, but also need to listen to the voices of enterprises from various countries. B20 summit came into being. Since the beginning of the year, B20 organized a total of more than and 50 issues of the working group meeting and seminar, participants of the international business sector reached more than 4 thousand passengers. "Bringing together all the policy recommendations of the report form high perspicacity." Chairman of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, B20 chairman Jiang Zengwei said in 2016, combing, analysis, induction of the international business community on the basis of recommendations, the formation of the "B20 policy recommendations report," the basic framework. Report around the B20 summit six issues, put forward to encourage the development of green finance, optimize the development environment, promote international cross-border trade and investment facilitation, promote innovation in infrastructure projects in the use and promotion of SMEs into the global value chain, improving the young female employment rate, and enhance the transparency of the business environment and other 20 policy recommendations, 76 specific measures. 20 policy suggestions weapon 6 key issues with reference to G20 B20 based on the theme topic, solicit business advice states on the set of financial growth, trade and investment, infrastructure, employment and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, anti-corruption and other six major issues. Among them, in recent years, the continued downturn in international trade situation, B20 called on G20 to speed up the approval and implementation of the trade facilitation agreement. It is predicted that it can save 14% of the cost of WTO members of the trade, and is expected to make the global commodity exports increased by $1 trillion per year, of which exports grew by $730 billion in developing countries. "This will give countries, especially developing countries, great opportunities for enterprises." Jiang Zengwei said. In addition, B20 proposed five proposals on strengthening infrastructure construction, involving project reserves, investment and financing support and interoperability, etc.. Study on the Boston consulting firm that, if the five suggestions were adopted and well implemented, will create $2 trillion in global economic activity, and the additional G20 members to create 30 million jobs. It is estimated that by 2020, investment in clean energy will reach $500 billion. B20 around green finance and Inclusive Finance also made recommendations. "The world bank believes that there are still 2 billion 500 million adults without bank accounts. The business sector in this regard is duty bound, is also facing a huge potential market. Accelerate the development of green finance and Inclusive Finance, will make people’s daily lives more environmentally friendly and convenient." Jiang Zengwei said. 2016 B20 employment working group co chairman, President of the international organization of employers, said Rioja, the report is to listen to the voice of the global business community after a few months to complete, not only a wide range of cohesion相关的主题文章: