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China Enterprise Investment: Valencia has gradually become popular in Spain – Beijing, Beijing, September 12, Spain oudiya published an article called Chinese company as more and more enterprises and institutions began to choose to invest in Spain, Madrid and Barcelona, Spain as more developed city, often occupied more opportunities, but this a situation has gradually changed, Valencia is not only more and more involved in the Chinese import and export trade, but also give full play to its own advantages, has attracted many investors eye China. The article said that in addition to the realization of the mass Chinese oriented furniture export trade, the establishment of a new global tender for port successfully attract attention, this time, Valencia once again usher in a China Investment Co. It is reported that the China companies interested in investing in Valencia, and has arrived in the land, in a few days before the morning of September 9th, the group has successfully launched on behalf of the Valencia chamber of Commerce and business talks, Valencia chamber of Commerce President Vivente morata was also present in the meeting, and this from China group construction and logistics infrastructure Valencia’s activity area showed a keen interest in. According to the informed sources, in the talks, President of Valencia chamber of Commerce has been very positive to the Chinese "sell" the absolute advantage in the region, and lists to the Chinese representative, said in the Mediterranean region, due to economic problems in North Africa unrest, Italy and Greece are facing, making Valencia become a moment the best investment area. Valencia chamber of Commerce revealed that the Chinese investors are able to travel to Valencia for visit, investment related negotiations, thanks to rimontgo’s invitation, and in the period of Chinese investors to stay in Valencia, the company has been investing and keeping close contact. The success of Chinese investors will be invited to Valencia, the company is mainly engaged in residential real estate business, but for the industrial land and ground logistics is involved, and specially equipped with a department engaged in attracting foreign investment. Analysis pointed out that, in fact, in recent years, Valencia government and local companies, institutions and other entities have been committed to attracting foreign investment, for a large number of local industrial land management for export. At the same time, the Valencia chamber of commerce is also looking for opportunities in the process of waiting for the strength of the Chinese investors, and look forward to the real estate industry, tourism and food industry and other aspects of trade cooperation. The paper said, so visible, Valencia has now become a hot China option for investors, perhaps in the near future, in the territory of Valencia, will also appear many Chinese joint ventures and Chinese enterprises figure.相关的主题文章: