Chinese fighter aircraft will be equipped with quantum radar air missile attack over a thousand mile-unfccc

China fighters will be equipped with quantum radar air-to-air missile attack distance over thousands of miles – Sohu military channel page first: China fighters will be equipped with quantum radar [Abstract] quantum radar transceiver mainly depends on the quantum signal and detect targets, recently, China completed the quantum detection mechanism and research of target scattering and quantum detection principle of the experimental verification. Indicates that China’s aircraft will be equipped with an advanced radar or. It is estimated that equipped with a single photon quantum radar guided ultra long-range air to air missile combat aircraft, the theoretical attack distance can be raised to a thousand kilometers away. The first branch of quantum China radar system of single photon detection by China Dianke 14 Key Laboratory of smart sensing technology based on the development, through unremitting efforts, the quantum detection mechanism, target scattering characteristics of quantum and the detection principle of the experimental verification, and complete the real atmospheric environment target detection test in the outfield, get one hundred kilometers level detection power and greatly improve the detection sensitivity, targets were to achieve the desired results. Text with map: the successful development of China quantum radar. – equipped with quantum radar combat aircraft can be realized on the distance of the target can be detected early hit – development of a new generation of radar stealth aircraft has become a pressing matter of the moment to strengthen the quantum radar air defense: insight into the future battlefield "TeleEye" core tip after China’s independently developed the world’s first quantum science test satellite successfully launched the "Mo-tse" after the Chinese scientists once in quantum science. Recently, the fourteenth Institute of Electronic Science and technology group led by the development of quantum radar made a breakthrough, the completion of the quantum detection mechanism, the target scattering characteristics and quantum detection principle of the experimental verification.     quantum radar is a new radar based on the basic principles of quantum mechanics. Quantum radar has many outstanding characteristics, such as remote detection, identification and resolution of stealth platform and weapon system. It can be used in missile defense and space exploration in the future. As an insight into the future battlefield, thousands of eyes, quantum radar technology is bound to set off a military power to change the trend of the era of radar technology. Since seventy years of age — the traditional radar gradually meet the technical bottleneck since 1934, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory developed the first pulse radar, the world development of radar technology, has experienced 70 years of exploration, improvement and improvement of the road. With the rapid development of stealth technology and electronic jamming technology, stealth fighter with strong stealth ability is gradually "flying into the homes of ordinary people". Extended reading: the successful development of China quantum radar will become the stealth target nemesis (map) quantum communication technology Chinese re breakthrough and achieve a second page: for the first time outside the air-to-air missile can fight a thousand quantum teleportation is an important means of communication transmission of quantum state, generally speaking, is the quantum information encoding in photon the remote transmission from one location to another place. The day before, cooperation of University of Science & Technology China professor Pan Jianwei, Zhang Qiang and other relevant units.相关的主题文章: