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Chinese Hollywood "six giants" is the formation of who will sit on the top spot in the pictures? In new network reporter Yuan Yuner Disney, Warner Brothers, SONY, universal, twentieth Century Fawkes and paramount, six giant currently dominate the Hollywood film industry. With the rapid development of China film industry in recent years, some pictures gradually played their own brand, to become Chinese movie star enterprise. Recently, the film announced investment in Chinese film world. After the success of the shares, the Chinese film world in the distribution business will set the film production, distribution, cinema and other advantages of the whole industry chain in one. Then, holding the Chinese shadow world Huayi film distribution, whether the decline in the film on a roll in recent years? Huayi tries to breakthrough behavior revival, Boehner has been steadily walking film production, distribution, and theater go hand in hand way, Ali pictures, Penguin pictures and other Internet heavyweights are overweeningly ambitious layout…… The pack melee, China "Hollywood six giants" is gradually formed. Who can sit on the Chinese film industry Toubajiaoyi, perhaps soon seen. The group distribution company to make up the short board in September 20th, the Shanghai film Limited by Share Ltd announced, will be in the form of equity transfer in China on the world (Tianjin) film distribution limited liability company 12% of the equity investment, investment amount is not more than 6 million yuan. The news immediately caused concern in the industry. The film shares of the Chinese film world, was founded in June of this year a film distribution and the main business of the company. The film shares, the three major shareholders of the company are Huayi film distribution, lithography era, Huayi Brothers Dingli, the film has a 60% stake, is the controlling party of Chinese film world. Because of such a group, Huayi Brothers want to force the film distribution business, save these years because "to the movie" the movie’s decline. 2012, Huayi Brothers released a total of 30% of the total domestic box office movie box office annual total box office. But by 2014, the film’s box office receipts fell to 7% in the domestic movie ticket room, last year was down to around 4.5%. As one of the earliest rise of private film companies, the emergence of such a situation, really embarrassing. The issue has always been a lack of Huayi Brothers link, the saving bureau, to make up for its short board in the issue. "Chinese film world on the issue of feature set in one of the whole industry chain, both the traditional advantages of Huayi film production in the upstream, but also help the film in theaters and distribution channels on the strength, but also good at this era of lithography emerging forces of Internet release." Film distribution practitioners Meng analysis. "Giant position" take shape "although now the film industry is still in the pack melee, but similar to the six major Hollywood film companies such as giant and the situation has begun to take shape." A domestic film company responsible person Wu Yang (pseudonym) believes that regardless of the "big six" or "seven giants", their position has been built up, the next step is to run and grow. Which film company.相关的主题文章: