Chinese Navy’s first training ship to sail! The first exposure of the concept map — the Henan sub

Chinese Navy’s first training ship to sail! Concept map first exposure — Henan Net – original title: China Navy’s first training ship to sail! The concept map first exposing the friends, remember half a month ago the visit of the Chilean navy "Esmeralda" sail training ship? These two days, good news come again! I will have the first navy sail training ship in September 26th morning, I first navy training ship sails "waves" the ship forces established ceremony was held in Guangzhou, the Navy deputy chief of staff Hu Zhongming announced the "waves", then ship troops under the notification and "waves" the captain ordered the office, and then ship the work request, Dalian naval academy dean Yan Zhengming announced the "waves" command post political commissar. This marks an important people’s naval vessels sail training ship sequence will increase the passing of a naval maritime culture, training skills, carry out foreign military exchanges. The first sail training ship hull Number 86 ship named "waves", "ride the wind and waves" of Italy under the Dalian naval academy a training ship detachment "waves" number in May this year to start the construction is expected by the end of 2017. It is said that "the waves" look like this in the GSI (Xin Jing and Yang Xiaona: commissioning editor original title: China) Navy’s first training ship to sail! The concept map "through" the first exposure to ship captain 85 meters 11 meters wide standard displacement of 1200 tons maximum sail area of 2630 square meters to maximize sail speed of about 18 "waves", mainly used for training high mast, sail cable, playing knots, astronomical navigation and other basic seamanship skills and traditional navigation skills students of Naval Academy, naval officers and soldiers will exercise training guts, team spirit, marine navigational skills and quality, but also take to carry out foreign military exchanges and promote the Navy special culture function. So much, what is the sail training ship in the end? The sail training ship is a service ship that uses windsurfing to get power for naval academy cadets and sailors to carry out practice training at sea. The training ship appeared in the middle of nineteenth Century. It was specially designed and built, and also adapted for other ships. It started with sailboats, and then installed steam engines as auxiliary power plants. At present, the Navy (Coast Guard) of 24 countries in the world has 29 sail training ships. The Eagle Eagle sail training ship, built in 1936, was built by Germany. After the end of World War II, it was captured by the US Coast Guard as a booty. The ship is a steel ship sails a buck, an area of 2355 square meters. Captain 90 meters, 12 meters wide, 4.9 meters draft, with a displacement of 1816 tons, a crew of 65 people (including 19 officers), with 180 students. (责编:辛静、杨晓娜)   原标题:中国海军首艘风帆训练舰要来了! The concept map of Ecuador "guayas" first exposure sail training ship Ecuador Navy sail training ship "guayas", in 1977 after the completion of the assigned to the senior naval school, because the school near the guayas River, it is named "guayas". The ship has a full load of 1250 tons, the maximum endurance of 45 days, the compilation of 110 officers and soldiers, each voyage can accommodate 63 students. Why the navy has passed through to the modern era ironclad so many countries including old navy power still retains the sail training ship? "The waves", the first political commissar Hou Zhixin: sail training ship is old, but has an irreplaceable role in the training of Navy cadets quality. By fighting the wind and waves and practicing the sea, we can help officers and men feel the sea, understand the ocean, fear the sea and conquer the sea, so as to achieve the purpose of training soldiers’ blood and cultivating awareness of the same boat. Think of the students through the driving of sailing and the sea zero distance contact in the strong wind and big waves through experience with meteorology, hydrology, tides, currents of maritime military action can also set the boat sea comprehensive cognition in one for learning from the original manual water view sky, knowledge of hydrology, tying knots, rising a most basic sailing skills training is really western style retro! The Navy’s first naval cadets first "waves" sail training ship coming! (Xin Jing and Yang Xiaona: commissioning editor) 中国海军首艘风帆训练舰要来了!概念图首曝光–河南分网–人民网   原标题:中国海军首艘风帆训练舰要来了!概念图首曝光   小伙伴们,还记得半个月前来访的   智利海军“埃斯梅拉达”号风帆训练舰么?   这两天,又传来好消息啦!   我海军将拥有   首艘风帆训练舰   9月26日上午,我海军首艘风帆训练舰“破浪”号接舰部队组建仪式在广州举行,海军副参谋长胡中明宣布“破浪”号接舰部队组建通知及“破浪”号舰长任职命令,并就接舰工作提出要求,大连舰艇学院院长严正明宣布“破浪”号政委任职命令。   这标志着人民海军舰艇序列中将增加风帆训练舰这一传承海军特色文化、培训远洋航海技能、开展对外军事交流的重要舰种。   首艘风帆训练舰舷号为“86”   舰名为“破浪”,取“乘风破浪”之意   隶属大连舰艇学院某训练舰支队   “破浪”号于今年5月开始在广船国际建造   预计2017年底下水   据说“破浪”号是长这个样子的 (责编:辛静、杨晓娜)   原标题:中国海军首艘风帆训练舰要来了!概念图首曝光   “破浪”号介绍   舰长85米   舰宽11米   标准排水量1200余吨   最大帆面积2630平方米   最大使帆航速约18节   “破浪”号主要用于海军院校学员进行攀高桅、操帆缆、打绳结、天文航海等基本船艺技能和传统航海技能训练,锤炼培养海军官兵的意志胆魄、团队精神、航海技能和海洋素质,同时肩负着开展对外军事交流和宣扬海军特色文化等职能。   说了那么多,到底什么是风帆训练舰?   风帆训练舰,是指用风帆获取动力,供海军院校学员和水手进行海上实习训练的勤务舰只。   训练舰出现于19世纪中期,有专门设计建造,也有用其他舰船改装,开始是帆船,后来装上蒸汽机作辅助动力装置。   目前,全世界共有24个国家的海军(海岸警备队)拥有29艘风帆训练舰。   美国   “鹰”号风帆训练舰   美国海岸警备队“鹰”号风帆训练舰于1936年建成,由德国建造,二战结束后作为战利品被美国海岸警卫队获得。该舰为钢质三桅巴克船型,帆面积为2355平方米。舰长90米,宽12米,吃水4.9米,满载排水量1816吨,舰员65人(其中19名军官),可搭载180名学员。   (责编:辛静、杨晓娜)   原标题:中国海军首艘风帆训练舰要来了!概念图首曝光   厄瓜多尔   “瓜亚斯”号风帆训练舰   厄瓜多尔海军“瓜亚斯”号风帆训练舰,1977年建成后配属于其高级海军学校,由于该校滨临瓜亚斯河,故命名为“瓜亚斯”号。该舰满载排水量1250吨,最大续航力45天,编制110名官兵,每次航程可容学员63位。   为什么海军都已走过铁甲战舰   走向现代化时代   这么多国家包括老牌的海军强国   依然保留着风帆训练舰呢?   “破浪”号首任政委侯志鑫:   风帆训练舰虽然古老,但在培养海军学员素质方面具有不可替代的作用。通过搏击风浪、驰骋海洋的历练,可以促使官兵感悟海洋、认识海洋、敬畏海洋和征服海洋,从而达到锤炼军人血性、培养同舟共济意识的目的。   想想看,学员们通过驾驶帆船航行   与大海零距离接触   在大风大浪中通过体验气象、水文、   潮汐、洋流等对海上军事行动的影响   可以形成集人船海于一体的全面认知   还能从最原始的水手工作学起   完成观天象、识水文、打绳结、   攀高桅等最基本的航行技能训练   真是洋气又复古!   海军学员们   海军第一首艘“破浪”号风帆训练舰要来了!   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