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China Paralympic table tennis team won the first gold 27 year old Feng Panfeng idol Deng Ya Ping Feng Panfeng won the gold medal in the September 11th Rio De Janeiro Xinhua Sports News Title: wheelchair table tennis dream Xinhua News Agency reporter Zheng Zhi, Xue Jianying, He Jun, 11:5, 7:11, 11:9, 11:8…… Table tennis men’s 11 grade 3 singles final, the 27 year old Feng Panfeng in the seventeenth year of his wheelchair tennis career, with the score of 3:1 for the Chinese delegation won the first gold Rio table tennis. If a table tennis show is not disabled older table tennis champions in 2000 in Jiangsu Pizhou city "Hope House" school for the disabled, this moment Feng Panfeng where, what all can make nothing of it. But later that day, at the age of 10, he found that the original is disabled can participate in some games, winning glory for the country". Feng Panfeng, who was also a student with physical disabilities due to polio, was interested in table tennis. A dozen years ago, but the training conditions are worrying, no heating in winter, wheelchair athletes range small, body heat up, wheelchair is ring, when the winter hand to push. "Hands and feet are prone to frostbite, just bleeding," he recalled that period of time, but we are very happy together to practice, it did not feel bitter." At that time, Feng Panfeng, just like the table tennis, and did not want to go after what the championship. But 8 years quietly in the past, he came to the national team from the provincial team, and the Paralympic Games in Beijing on the harvest of 3 men’s singles champion, is also so, London in 2012 to today, he achieved three consecutive Paralympic Games of the project. Feng Panfeng said, his idol is Deng Ya Ping, also has just started being optimistic about experience, also have to pay beyond the ordinary life to reach the top — it’s like his name. "So I adore her." Feng Panfeng said. But now many large and small tournament champion, has let him and his idol silently par. But table tennis for Feng Panfeng, not only trophies and medals, more important is the change from the heart. "People with disabilities, whether in sports or work, no industry, I think the most difficult is a psychological problem, is a kind of inferiority complex, this is also not how to enlighten enlighten," he said, "must go through a period of exercise, get the results after feel worse than others slowly, our confidence is set up, go out have never felt like what." Of course, he will experience confusion, this time to Rio, he has been trying to find the state of the previous two, the two champions of the past itself is a great pressure. Before the finals with their own say, anyway, I have entered the finals, let’s play." Every time he scored a key point today, he would roar and cheer himself up until he won the championship and raised his arm. He said: after taking it on the road, very exciting." This wonderful will continue. "We have a long cycle, because)相关的主题文章: