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"Chinese type relationship" on behalf of Xu Beijing on-line small Ye debut laugh foot entertainment Sohu on behalf of Xu debut laugh foot Sohu entertainment news by Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili, Hu He, Xu and other stars of the contemporary urban comedy "China type relationship", last night (7 days) officially in Beijing satellite TV, Oriental TV broadcast kicked off, deep analysis Chinese type human society, watch the reality of life experience, a lot of "China humor" vividly screen. The generation of Asahi played off strong character very domineering and pompous people played an impressive audience, lively laughter bursting". Beijing small Ye Guan Qiang line "daguanqiang" for shawls, windbreaker suit, a briefcase under his arm, Asahi wind generation appeared cool enough. The "Guanqiang" corner uncompetitive, first as Ma Yili Jiang Yinan ‘s volunteered, initiative to solve the problem, the image of young people enthusiastic and positive attitude to the cause was so vivid, standing in front of the audience. Mention this role, "Yan value little meat on behalf of Xu said with a smile," the first time that the role name when he was happy, Guanqiang "Guanqiang", this interesting harmonic tape. Guan Qiang and Jiang Yinan ‘s be strangers to each other for a cup of coffee, but the use of force on a relationship, the characters are not simple, say things full of jargon, drama can look forward to turning." On behalf of Xu won the praise of Jiang Shimonoseki debut frequency meet "smile" fruit full play, on behalf of Xu will shut the strong "silly" new "smart" interpretation of the most incisive. With Jiang Yinan (Ma Yili ornaments) to be shut out of hospital building, lodge a face of distress, while Jiang Yinan was busy catching glimpses of observation through the relationship, frequent scripts and laugh full of fruit. Even users can not help but comment, "this cute effort, just like the little time I practice with the manager, too real", "Guan Qiang this is Ma Guoliang and Jiang Yinan ‘s God assists, so look behind him, what will the whole yaoezi". It is reported that the "China relation" is the director of Shen Yan following the "Chinese Style Divorce", "mobile phone", "freaky story" and other popular big drama after another masterpiece, the real spirit and human relations on the screen, it’s no surprise that people from time to time in which to find their shadow. According to the character, on behalf of Xu also said in an interview, "I closed the design into a Beijing small ye, nosy, enthusiastic and articulate, with good humor with him, not perfect, but there are also many lovely place."相关的主题文章: